Perfect Sin - Collaboration

I made a new Limelight story… Which I should be really concentrating on my other stories but my mind always says NOPE! Get onto a new one!

The story is a forbidden fantasy romance between an angel and a human, it’s also LGBT.

But for this one, I was thinking if anyone would want to collab with me for this story. I’ve always thought about doing for a while.

We can both work on the script and Directing, but I’m not really good at directing so if you want to do the directing it’s ok with me. I’ll put down the characters so you can choose who you want to be and I’ll be the others. Put * on the person you want to be.


  1. Radueriel - the main character
  2. Corrina - Radueriel’s love interest
  3. Cedric - Corrina’s fiance.
  4. Rostellio
  5. Laura
  6. ArchAngel Esau
  7. ArchAngel Letitia
  8. ArchAngel Tobiah
  9. Bellona
  10. Lucifer
  11. Ebota
  12. Vireo - Radueriel’s disguise.

Also, when Radueriel meets Corrina, the timeline is 1813 where Jane Austen published Pride & Prejudice. If anyone is interested comment or send me a inbox letter.


Hi! I would be happy to write with you. I’ve actually written a few google docs, up to 70 pages long, and have been on episode (other accounts) for a while. I love your idea, and I would be happy to. Just, let me know.

Also, I am just like you, go onto a new one!
And I love Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice. Its truly an amazing book.

Of course!

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Just tell me when you would like to start!