Permanent Art Scene/Splash Maker

Hi! So for the first episode of my story, I needed 3 special art scenes and 1 splash and I had to comment on different “Free Splash” forums for all of them (I didn’t want to give one person all the work) and I’m so grateful to the people who will do that, but I think it would be a lot easier if I just had one person making the ones for my story starting on episode 2. If you only want to do it for a story that’s actually interesting to you, here’s the basic plot line:
So I’m writing a limelight story about this city where everyone is born with a twin, one good and one evil, but Victoria’s twin died at birth. She is now 16 and she has to take the test to see if she’s good or evil, although she’s already 100% sure she’s good. However, the test scores her wrong, and she has to go to the Lakewood Boarding School for the Evil, and it’s a living hell.
If you’re interested, send me some examples of your art (it doesn’t have to be amazing). Also, I’d prefer to have someone who is able to finish a piece of art in 1-3 days. And I would give credit when the art is shown and at the end of each episode. Thanks!


I can do the splash

Awesome!!! Will you be able to do all of them permanently (not like forever but I mean for the whole story)?

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This is the wrong section. For future references, please go here.


I can make he art screen

*the art scene

Moved to Art Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live! :v:t2:

Okay great! You and @Candys can both do it I love both of your artwork. Thanks so much! Could @Dangrousdiva create the large cover and @Candys the small one?

Large cover: @Dangrousdiva

  • include all the characters listed below and their corresponding outfits
  • make the title “My Evil Twin” (pls run the font by me)
  • have “Victoria” be in the middle and the love interests on each side of her
  • include my username: @XMysteryX but make it small



Small cover: @Candys

  • include my username: @XMysteryX
  • have the background be a lighthouse (there’s a free non copyrighted one on canva in case that’s what you use)
  • have Victoria be “faded” in, like sort of translucent, I forget the word
  • make the title “My Evil Twin” (pls run the font by me)

To Both Of You:
Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it. <3


Should be ready tomorrow or today

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Awesome! Thanks so much!

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Your welcome

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If I don’t give it to you tomorrow or today pm me

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Ok mine should be done later tonight <3



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It looks awesome!! But would it be possible for you to change the font and also make the words “evil” and “twin” also capitalized, thanks!

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Thanks! Could you send me screenshots of different font options so I could choose?

oh, ok just choose one you think I’ll like (if you need reference look at the fonts @Sophbee uses I love her fonts)

I meant just get inspiration from her fonts cuz those are ones that I like.

Hi! Have you finished it yet? If not, it’s okay but try to finish it as soon as possible. Thanks!