Permanent Art Scene/Splash Maker

do you still need it

Do you need a splash

Thank youu :sparkling_heart: @Jayla2 Feel free to visit my thread :wink:

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Yeah… @Candys said she would finish it 2 days ago but she’s not responding so if you could do it that would be great!

Hi so sorry my computer got a virus

I can do it on my phone tho I’ll have it done in a few

Awesome! So nevermind @EpisodeStudio, @Candys will finish it. Thanks to both of you though!

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Is she sad, mad or happy? Like what is she doing

I think she should be serious and a bit mysterious cuz the plot line is somewhat dark

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Oh ok like arm’s crossed b

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This looks awesome! The only problem is… it’s not the right size. Would it be possible for you to change that and also maybe make it a bit darker? Thanks!!

You can fix the size and what do you need to be darker?

just the picture in general

and also, how do I fix the size (cuz I don’t want to squish it and it’s too wide)

There’s resizing apps and you can crop the parts you dont need and ok

the problem is the text would be cut off if i did that

Ok well i would have to redo everything if you wat me to resize it