Permanent Art Scene/Splash Maker

oh… it’s ok then I’ll just remake it but I’ll still credit you at my story for helping

I fixed it

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wait i love that hold on i’ll try to find some way to make this cover work cuz it’s amazing

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:joy::joy: ok

I there I would like an art scene with these girls

The girl in the navy in red in the middle she’s doing a kissy face

The girl in cheetah is doing a peace sign and winking

The girl in black and white is rolling her eyes

Can you please make an art scene of these two people hugging please?

Thanks in advance!

Do you still need a art scene?

Yes please…

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Would you like examples?

Yes plz…

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Oooh! They look amazing!

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Thank you!


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So… Is it a different story now or…

same story!

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Okay and do you need the same things?

Yes please!

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So you need art scenes and Spalshes correct?