Permanent Art Scene/Splash Maker

Yes thank you!

Do you know what I need on the splash? Because I don’t remeber talking aboutone since I forgot…

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I don’t really know exactly what you need. And the story is limelight?

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Sorry but have you got the wrong person? No offence or anything. (I appreciate your help) but I sent some pics…

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Well it’s just at the beginning of this thread you said this story was limelight…

Can you please make an art scene of these two people hugging please?

download (1).png310x650 73.3 KB

download (2).png310x650 75.4 KB

Thanks in advance!

That was my first thread…


Ok can you please send a picture of them I hugging poses?

Can I have them hugging like this but in episode form…
Also, can I have a splash of

her without doing that face and with out her hand looking at the audience smiling and can she be in art form. Can the text say this story uses mature themes and strong language.
Can I also have a splash of

him holding an english football please… Can he be in art form and can the ball be in art form too. Also, can the text on that say This story uses sound, turn up volume for the best experience!
Thanks in advance and I think you will do a great art scene and splashes!


Wait! Can you showme an art of her making that face and her not making it to see which is better when u r done please!

Ok, please can you tell me who…


Who do you think is the best? That can do the art scene and the splashes?

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I’m sorry but I am not going to choose between my friends. Please make that decision for yourself.

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Ok! I understands! Thanks!!!

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Wait why was I tagged?

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Cause ya good.

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I’m confused :neutral_face: and I also don’t feel like scrolling up.

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There’s a art scene and a splash.

Hello @Raybadem you rang

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Hey girl this person needs a art scene and splshas in case your interested.

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