Permanent suspension

hi, my account was permanently suspended and i have no idea what to do. i’ve never violated the terms of use (to my knowledge) and can’t file a ticket because i can’t log in to get my support id. the only thing that might’ve been considered a “hack” was that i used surveys for gems, but even then it was a provided option. i read other posts on here but didn’t really find anything super helpful.

does anyone know what to do? also, if this happened to you, did you get your account back, and if so how long did it take? thanks so much in advance.

your best bet is probably to email episode. if your email was already connected to the episode app, it may help in recovering your account or at least get more detail to why exactly it was deleted. if not I honestly don’t know x

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@sssummmerrr when filing the ticket, you can put six question marks in place of the support ID. This will allow you to submit the ticket without needing your ID. :smiley:

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