Permanently Suspended Officially

Hi there, I’ve been banned by episode, they didn’t even give me a reason, i can’t expose the email but they didn’t even give me a reason as to why. My story and profile are still on the app though, my friend checked for me But the app is still telling me I’m banned so I can’t log out of the app. Is there any way I can log out of the old account? Is this a permanent? Or this a bug? Because my story and profile is still readable and visible on the app


Hey I’d suggest sending a support ticket to them asking about your account if they didn’t give u a reason . I know of a few ppl who have been banned by mistake .


Hello, thank you for responding. I have sent out a support ticket. They responded and said it will remain banned. But they didn’t give me a reason still. All they said in response to my support ticket was to look at section 8 of the TOS. No official reason though.

Oh then idk if it can be reinstated then unless episode does it themselves or changes their mind

ahhh man they should at least give me a reason. I’m going to try and contact people to help. It doesn’t make sense that I’m banned but my stuff is still visible

This is section 8:

  1. Hate Speech:
  • a. No hate speech in any form on the basis of (but not limited to) race, ethnic or national origin, religion, marital status, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, or gender expression
  • b. No glorification of any persons, real or fictional, who promote hate
    c. No promotion or honoring of hate symbols
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that’s very strange, I haven’t put any hate speech towards any race, religion or anything in my story. I haven’t glorified any hate symbols at all :frowning: