Permanently suspended?

Hi guys! Today I had a very sad morning because once I opened my episode app to read some stories I got this „error” that my accout was permanently suspended for breaking some rules/using codes cheats! I mean I’m a regular episode user, reading stories, supporting writers, spending and earning gems… and now I’m banned for nothing! :sob: Can someone help me? Anyone having the same issue?
I can’t even write to the support because I can’t copy the ID :woman_shrugging:t2:


I heard a lot of people have had this issue where they never did that and got ban, its a real problem and not fair to a lot of people who did nothing wrong.

maybe contact one of the admins like Sydney_H or Jesse they might know what to do.

also I really sorry this have happen to you.


Thank you, I will do that for sure :cold_sweat:

Hi @line123462 and @berryblu! When it comes to app issues, please contact the support team directly with a help ticket! I’m just the forum moderator and admin; I can’t assist with app issue. :smiley:


Did you try to contact them?

Geez :cry: I just hope they can help me somehow because few days before it happened I bought a LOT of gems because my favourite writers were about to throw some new episodes, seasons ect and I wanted to support them as they struggle now 🥲 This is wild


Did you get back your account?

Hey! I had an old account, I had 6 stories on going, I had a story with 1000 episodes. Someone kept reporting one of my stories, I got it deleted and later on they sent me that I violated the guideline. Alright I admit I accidentally did, really but I fixed it. Yet…few days later the same story I restarted got deleted after 3 episodes…No warning at all. I felt upset but I tried to focus on my other stories this time. Next day I got a message that my WHOLE account got banned for my story violated the guidelines… shrug Like how and when??? I sent message to episode admins for help, they said I got 24 hours to save my works. How was I supposed to save a story 1000 episodes long?
I got no help at all, they haven’t replied anything since then. I tried to register with a new account on writer portal yet it says I’m banned…and I can’t use the Episode app either cuz I have the same message like you. My account was logged in when they banned it. I wrote them so many messages but no one helps and I feel so depressed
1000 episodes took almost 4 years, so much work and patience to be written. I feel your pain…If you ever get solution let me know please because I’m so hopeless right now


Guys, I have my profile back! I got unblocked by the lovely Lauren from help desk!

So so happy!


Can you mention Lauren here? It would be helpful if someone needs to contact about this kind of problem

I’m so sorry to hear that.
I mean 1000 chapters are a lot to just delete, and It took you almost 4 years for these chapters.
I wish you all the best!


You can refer to Sydney’s earlier reply on this thread^

Press the hyperlink (the blue text) and fill out the ticket form. (:
I hope your issue gets resolved.


Did you try deleting it and installing again? I’m not sure but I hope that will help. Sorry, I’m not really sure on what to do :eyes:

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You replied to the wrong person, so she might not see what you asked. :see_no_evil:

Oof :sweat_smile: sorry, and thanks for letting me know!

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Hi. How long did it take for them to bring back your account?

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