Permanently suspended?

Hi guys! Today I had a very sad morning because once I opened my episode app to read some stories I got this „error” that my accout was permanently suspended for breaking some rules/using codes cheats! I mean I’m a regular episode user, reading stories, supporting writers, spending and earning gems… and now I’m banned for nothing! :sob: Can someone help me? Anyone having the same issue?
I can’t even write to the support because I can’t copy the ID :woman_shrugging:t2:


I heard a lot of people have had this issue where they never did that and got ban, its a real problem and not fair to a lot of people who did nothing wrong.

maybe contact one of the admins like Sydney_H or Jesse they might know what to do.

also I really sorry this have happen to you.


Thank you, I will do that for sure :cold_sweat:

Hi @line123462 and @berryblu! When it comes to app issues, please contact the support team directly with a help ticket! I’m just the forum moderator and admin; I can’t assist with app issue. :smiley:

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So I’m not the only one I never did anything still got banned

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Did you try to contact them?

Yes but no use I had open New account 🥲

Geez :cry: I just hope they can help me somehow because few days before it happened I bought a LOT of gems because my favourite writers were about to throw some new episodes, seasons ect and I wanted to support them as they struggle now 🥲 This is wild

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Did you get back your account?