“Persephone’s Fate” IS OUT! Feedback Needed!



Hey guys, so I released a new story called “Persephone’s Fate”!

Your mother, the goddess Demeter, finds out that you will end up trapped with Hades in the underworld in the future, 18 years before it happened. What happens when your mom changes your fate? She sends you to earth when your a baby and you live with a family that adopted you. Will you find out who you really are? Will you find out who your mom is? Will your fate become reality? What will be the consequences for your mom’s actions?

Go read “Persephone’s Fate
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It’s great.

I absolutely hate the language. But it’s okay, I mean it can you some work other than that good job doing your best! Sorry I’m only on episode 1


Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m sorry the story contains strong language. This time I didn’t rush my story so it should be better, but I am a new writer so it’s not gonna be perfect. But I really appreciate what you said! Thank you so so so much! :heart:


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The cover is so cool. I liked your story but there’s too much swearing for me. It’s an original thrilling plot though. Good idea.


Thank you!!! :heart: