Hi, guys! My name is Alyssa, and I’m currently working on a new story.

I’ve stated before that I would be working on Sunny Days, I still will be, but this project is gonna come first.

I am currently writing my new story called Reborn. This story means a lot to me, as it has some real connection to my life, and I want it to be lively for the readers.

So, I am seeking a personal artist for my story. They need to be able to make art scenes and any type of overlay possible.

If you at least do one of the following, I’ll still be happy to allow it!

I just, really need this for my story. It’s important to me.

Rules of being my personal artist:

  1. You are allowed to take your time on the art scenes/overlays, I will notify you one month or two weeks in advance that I need the art scene. Do not pressure yourself.
  2. Make sure you put your clients’ work before me. They are your public clients, while I am just your personal client.

I hope somebody is interested, this is very important to me.


I can.


Okay, do you have examples of any limb overlays and art scenes?


I’ve never done art scenes but I can do overlays.


I have limb overlays.


Have you done LL before? :slight_smile:


No but I can. I usually do INK but it still is probably simple. I can do it.



As for the art scene, can you do LL as well?


I can try, but I have never done any type of art scene before.


If you don’t choose me I understand


I will be choosing you as my personal overlay artist, I’ll just have to find somebody else who does art scenes. :slight_smile:


Okay, ayyyyye.