Personal Artist Needed, Please and Thank you!

I really need someone to do my art scenes and background covers, obviously I’ll give you credit for the art scenes, I will shout your Instagram and Episode profile out. If yo see this please offer a helping hand, thank you. :hugs: If anyone is kind enough to offer tell me your Insta and I will text you ASAP!

I don’t know about personal artists, but I don’t really think you’ll have much luck finding one. However, you should go check out Jasmine’s art shop. There’s some really good artists there, and you can request many times. It’s really cool! I haven’t requested anything there yet but if I need an art scene/cover/splash then I will definately go there!

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Are you still looking I might be able to help you

I could help you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, that would be awesome! Sorry I got back to you so late, I have not been active because my laptop recently broke… :frowning:

@CalyPhina, me and many artist do art at this art shop for free! Click the link The Coven Art Group | open & accepting 💛 PLEASE READ THE FIRST POST

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