Personal Artist Needed

Hello there. My name is Sandy and I’m looking for a personal artist. Someone who can help me make covers, special scenes, splashes, and other things that I may need. You must be able to work with LimeLight. You will also be able to give your input and ideas on the plot line of my current story and any other stories that I may make if you stay with me for that long. If you are interested please send an example of your best work. You will of course get credit for your art work in every chapter if you are chosen.

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You want one example of each?
I put in my top 3 art sciences. I couldn’t decide and they all show different aspects. And I did one large and one small cover and 2 splashes. I also through in an overlay and I do background edits as well


IMG_0568 ![IMG_0898|375x500]

Yes please, if you could. If you can’t than just one of them.

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