Personal Artist? x

So I’m writing a story and I was hoping that in it I could have a few realistic art scenes/a cover. I have done art in the past but they are not good enough to put them in my story. Because of this, I was wondering if there was anyone who could do some art scenes throughout the story. The only reason I have asked for a personal/private artist is because I have really bad OCD and I need the characters the same every time. It would be a great help :grin:

If you want to help me out then either PM me or reply on here (Please do not be offended if I do not pick you I am just trying to find the right artist for me :blush:). Please just state:

Any examples you have:
How I can credit you:

That is all. I know it’s picky and I’m sorry about that but I hope that some can help me. Thank you x

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I can

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If you’re wanting someone who can do realistic art you most likely have to pay them :grin:
If you want someone who takes commissions lmk And I can find someone

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Are you any good at LL art? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not interested in super realistic art just not too little that it looks too cartoony. Thanks though :kissing_heart:

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Yeah I have experience in it .

That’s great :grinning: Are you up for it?