Personal Beta Reader Needed

I am in need of a personal beta reader to review each of my episodes for my story both upcoming and published. I am an experienced Episode writer, but I still need a bit of help for my story. I would like more directing tips/coding tips. If you’re interested, here’s the form to apply:
Beta Reader Application

Thank you!

I can help if you like? X

Okay. All you have to do it fill out the application above.

I applied🙂

Okay I just looked at your application :slight_smile: You are qualified to be my beta reader, but I’m going to wait until more people apply to pick a person .


If you’re able to be consistent as being my beta reader, please fill out the form above ASAP!!

I applied :grin:

Thanks so much!

Was anyone chosen yet? :upside_down_face:

I applied :grin:

I’ve chosen who my personal beta reader will be.