Personal Editor? (Is that a thing, lol?)

Hey, I’m in need of a editor for my story. DM me @dream.epy2 for more detail! If so I will give you credit and shoutouts on any story you may have. 50/50? LOL.

Can you please clarify editor for me, like art wise or script wise?

I think she means someone who can make art scenes, covers…etc. for him/her! :blush:

More like art wise, something with overlays. There’s a example of what I’m saying, but
Problem is , is that I don’t know how to make some overlays for example: Abe carrying Kendra or Kendra hugging Abe, lol, does that make sense?

Yeahh, something like that. Thx😊

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Np! I can help if you want?

That would be great🥰 Do u have an insta, that way I can just DM you there?

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