Personal Experience Needed

So I am about to start the second season of my story Lineage and I’m researching two topics:

******* 1: one of my lead females is pregnant while in her Senior year of Highschool. I have never been pregnant in HS (or at all for that matter) and am asking if anyone who has been pregnant while in school is willing to discuss their experience of what it was like with me.

****** 2: Any personal stories about bullying in general. HS is a rough place and I’m trying to touch on different bullying things other than “nerd” or “you’re ugly”. What strange specific things were you picked on for?

I of course would discuss this privately if preferred and I can give credit or leave anonymous. So if anyone is willing to share their experience with me, it’d be really helpful!

If you want to talk privately about your experiences, my IG is @/lizziebstories


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