Personal help please

So this boy has been talking ab me behind my back and this little snake who is his bestfriend as well.

This is what just went down over text;

Okay _______, stop being an ass. I couldn’t text you bc of screen time so next time answer the damn phone call okay?

One, don’t call me an ass, two you called me when I was at the table discussing a very important topic with my mom. I don’t give a fuck if you didn’t have “screen time”. Don’t ever text me again. You’re blocked.

I mean what the fuck, seriously? What did I do???

I mean, what’s the context behind this?

Well, sounds like you both don’t need to be in each other’s lives as that shared convo sounds aggressive on both parts.

He’s blocked you, just let it go and move on.


I have to see him at school. That was it. I called him and he was pissed which made me pissed

Alright. I understand. You may not like my advice because I’m pretty sure I’m much older than you, but, just ignore him.

That’s all you can do. Based on what he wrote, he may need some space so give him that. The more you push it and try to keep talking, the angrier he’ll become which may not give your relationship a chance.

Let him have his space and you have yours!


Okay, thanks

I agree with @TamiRose


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