Personal Moodboard Maker - Needed

Hoiyaaa Bitches and sweethearts of Episode Platform!!!
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I’ve been writing a brand new story Which will reach from heaven to hell when published (I hope so :sweat_smile:)…

So I need moodboards for all the characters of my story, So as you know since you have red the topic :sunglasses:
I just want a personal moodboard maker for all the stories and characters of mine! :grin: :blush:

Do message if anyone is interested to help me ofc!!
Please put up your examples too - Not to sound rude but only If I like I will pick you and If I pick you then you are the best thou! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

If I pick you, then please know that I will need you to make All the moodboards of my present and upcoming stories too.

Hope I get someone coz I dont want to make any more threads!! eventhough thi sis the first one in this topic!

Love you all & Stay safe
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With love,


I can make moodbords! Just let me know the deets by PM’ing me! :3

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I kinda need some examples dear
Can you send me

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I only have one on me rn
let me knwo!


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Woah its pretty…
I will let you know soon

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k <3

@Hades_child makes awesome moodboards but she’s suspended…Her instagram is @sassy_kitty maybe you can dm her.

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Thanks love!

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I’m a mood board maker too:blob_sun:

Character Mood Boards

This is all the work I’ve done till now!!
⟶(Free Mood Board Thread)⟵
This is my thread if you are interested check it out!!

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I’ve made moodboards for characters.! If you’re interested and want to know about my style etc., Please check out my Instagram highlight “Moodboards!” as I can’t seem to share them here! Thanks :heart:

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