Personalised warning intro

I’ve noticed a few stories have their own personalised warning page. It is very colourful and has the main characters lined up at the bottom, plus the ‘language’ , ‘mature themes’ and ‘sound’ warnings. Does anyone know how to make this, if so, please let me know :slight_smile:

heyo if Madi hasn’t done it yet, I can help.

If @MadisonW is doing it, that’s totes cool

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yh unlike some people. lol. Don’t worry Madi. You’re my friend I’ll support you no matter what.


Wow, this is absoluetely incredible! What do you need from me to create that warning page plus my characters on the bottom?

It won’t let me send you anymore photos, I’ll try send them on this page

Hope you could retrieve the six characters, sorry for the mess

the other two are on your actual page under the huge description

Can you click on them?

You can try using PicsArt to make some. But,

is an account that does offer some
Through their linktree:

You will find some images on their google drive (Background Drive)
Once you do access that, you can click on title backgrounds, and from there, view a variety of them.
I don’t think they offer the characters at the bottom, but they do look nice, so if you’re interested, you could check them out xoxo :yellow_heart:

So you got both the cover and costume warning details?

Thank you

Oh, okay. All good! What art groups are they?

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Can you do a black background or not?

The dark version sounds great! What writing do you put in between?

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3 of what?

Do they change like a slide show?