Personalised warning intro



I’ve noticed a few stories have their own personalised warning page. It is very colourful and has the main characters lined up at the bottom, plus the ‘language’ , ‘mature themes’ and ‘sound’ warnings. Does anyone know how to make this, if so, please let me know :slight_smile:


Heyo I can do that just ask on my thread Here…


heyo if Madi hasn’t done it yet, I can help.

If @MadisonW is doing it, that’s totes cool


First of all, thank you for being subtle and not just saying go here lol second she hasn’t gave details yet…



yh unlike some people. lol. Don’t worry Madi. You’re my friend I’ll support you no matter what.


Aww thanks you too!


Wow, this is absoluetely incredible! What do you need from me to create that warning page plus my characters on the bottom?


If you can (just send them in here* the characters you want on there in there pose (screenshot preferred) and if you want contour!


It won’t let me send you anymore photos, I’ll try send them on this page






Hope you could retrieve the six characters, sorry for the mess


Do you have Instagram? If so you can DM me @madison.epi_gold
I only got four of them.


the other two are on your actual page under the huge description




Some of the bottoms got cut off though


Can you click on them?


Oh yep thank you! It will be done soon!