Personalities how do you keep them going

How do you portray a characters personality?
I’m currently writing my first story but I find when writing your own you tend to be more biased (at least I do ha ha ha) and O actually don’t mean this in a good way either I doubt myself on if my story start is interesting enough (thank you to the people who gave me feedback on that) and weather my characters personalities are showing or if they all seem the same. So how can you tell weather your characters are actually showing their personality and not just being bland?

im by no means a “experienced” episode director, but as a writer/creative person in general i feel like every choice, every action has to be like what would (the character) do? what would they be conflicted about? how easy would the choice be for them?

for example, in our current story: Queer: Love Boat, a catty, queen-bee type character (Karol) would make different choices than the Main Character (Elodie). Karol would want to protect herself even if that meant sacrificing others, whereas Elodie would have a harder time making that same choice because A) her career is about saving people and making their lives easier B) her upbringing was a nurturing one, and she wants to nurture others and C) the only time she’d make a mean or bad decision is if she was influenced by others or convinced it was the only way to win.

From knowing what they’d both do in sacrificial choices, their smaller choices would be more obvious? Karol would dress more boldly and more revealing, where Elodie would be a touch more modest and demure because she embodies ingenuity. Karol would eat stuff like salads and diet drinks, where Elodie wouldn’t be concerned with her weight and would be more focused on the flavor.

idk if that makes sense but just apply that rationale to everything else.


I think that makes sense :slight_smile: thank you, I’m hoping the actual episode portrays how I actually want it too :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you

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I use a character layout that I got from its so awesome, it helps me keep track of why the character act the way they do to certain things,

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