Personality Choice Idea

For authors starting to write a story I had an idea for an interesting choice.
Name Choice:

Lilith - Straightforward, honest, a bit rude
Delilah- Kind, delicate, shy
Narcissa- Self centered, opinionated, narcissistic

That was an example of my idea. Basically making the reader choose a bit of a personality. Whether this changes the story dramatically or just affects their reactions to situations it still adds a bit of spice. The names don’t have to directly match to the personality either. The above example was just to show what I was thinking. I’ve heard that readers don’t like thinking of names so this would be a way to get people more engaged and possibly get people to reread to see how different names effect the plot.

I’m in no way saying every author should do this, especially if you don’t want to actually do anything with it, but I still think it’s something to think about. I’m going to incorporate it into my story personally but I was wondering how you would use it in your stories.

What names would you pick? Would they have concrete meaning?

How would it effect the story, the characters relationships?

Would you read or write a story with this type of choice?


Personally I wouldn’t, just because I prefer to write stories that aren’t focused on “you” as a reader, as well as stories that have a lot of complex branching with branching within branching and so on, so when it comes to the latter I like to allow readers to input a name, but with a suggested canon name if they prefer to use that instead because it makes it so much easier for myself.


I’m not sure what you mean but if it’s about name options etc. I’m not a big fan of reading or writing stories where the reader has to give the name. I like diversity in stories and naming the characters according to their origin/native is something I always do. Also, almost no one calls their friends etc with their full name. While writing, as usual, I use nicknames. But if the reader gives their own name, it just becomes unrealistic. This is just my preference tho :dancer:t5::full_moon_with_face:

Basically what I was getting at is choosing a name and based on that name you also choose a corresponding personality. You can still have readers choose names that have the same origin but different meanings. :hugs:

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Aahh okayyy… That would be okay but authors who code that much branching. Like wow :flushed:

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Yeah I’m including it in my story. It’s an engaging way for me to do branching and I’ve heard on here that people don’t like choosing their names so why not make it fun to do!

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