Personality: Day of the Week


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I had to google this …

SATURDAY MY FAVE DAY OF THE WEEK YASSUM ! And also I’m only hardworking if the thing I’m working at matters to me :3


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lol i don’t believe in it but it is kinda true in my case. I’m a Saturday.


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READ THIS AND can choose to ignore the first post in this thread since this one has way more info ^^ Here ya go:

According to the PowerofPositivity .com,

  • You are creative, but can tend to keep your ideas to yourself

  • You tend to be more empathetic

  • Family and a few close friends are your priorities

  • You are an excellent negotiator and make sure everyone gets what they want

  • You are likely to be successful in a leadership role in business

  • You have a lot of energy and drive

  • People are drawn to you and like to help you

  • You have career success

  • You sometimes stress over things that you cannot control

  • You like the good things in life and saving money is a challenge for you

  • You have integrity and you do what you think is right

  • You speak honestly, which can sometimes turn off others who want things sugar coated

  • You are sensitive to criticism

  • You are quick to learn new things and are good at your job

  • You struggle with staying organized

  • You are low-maintenance and easy going. People like how relaxed you seem.

  • You love learning from other people and talking to them is a great pleasure for you.

  • You get along well with many different types of people.

  • You enjoy your work and the people you work with

  • You are optimistic

  • You get and give a great deal of respect

  • You are independent in your work

  • You have leadership skills and you work heard to get to the top

  • You dislike people who criticize you and you can become resentful of them

  • Variety interests you and you are easily bored

  • You attract attention due to your natural charisma

  • You appreciate beauty and harmony and seek to create it

  • You are more creative than your other friends

  • You tend to be emotionally sensitive when it comes to relationships

  • You do not handle setbacks well and may obsess over a past disappointment

  • You have a well-developed sense of intuition

  • You are a spiritual person

  • You are wise about the world and have an old soul

  • You are trustworthy and have a lot of responsibilities

  • You tend to live in the past or the future, not in the present moment

  • You are smart and you tend to be a perfectionist

  • You take pride in your appearance and enjoy taking the time to look good

  • You can be negative when asked for your opinion

  • You have a natural confidence that can come off as snobbishness to others

  • You have a positive outlook

  • You enjoy giving to others

  • You take a long time to warm up to people due to your suspicious mind

  • You are emotionally sensitive and you dwell on people?s comments

  • You get frustrated easily and may leave projects unfinished

  • You appreciate alone time

…And yep : )


Do you agree with some/all, disagree with some or all? (*Remember this is totally not real like horoscopes (in my opinion) and just for fun lol)


Lmao this is so trueee