Personality: Day of the Week


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I had to google this …

SATURDAY MY FAVE DAY OF THE WEEK YASSUM ! And also I’m only hardworking if the thing I’m working at matters to me :3


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lol i don’t believe in it but it is kinda true in my case. I’m a Saturday.


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EDIT: I added this into the top of the thread, while keeping what the previous thing said as well:

According to the PowerofPositivity .com,

  • You are creative, but can tend to keep your ideas to yourself

  • You tend to be more empathetic

  • Family and a few close friends are your priorities

  • You are an excellent negotiator and make sure everyone gets what they want

  • You are likely to be successful in a leadership role in business

  • You have a lot of energy and drive

  • People are drawn to you and like to help you

  • You have career success

  • You sometimes stress over things that you cannot control

  • You like the good things in life and saving money is a challenge for you

  • You have integrity and you do what you think is right

  • You speak honestly, which can sometimes turn off others who want things sugar coated

  • You are sensitive to criticism

  • You are quick to learn new things and are good at your job

  • You struggle with staying organized

  • You are low-maintenance and easy going. People like how relaxed you seem.

  • You love learning from other people and talking to them is a great pleasure for you.

  • You get along well with many different types of people.

  • You enjoy your work and the people you work with

  • You are optimistic

  • You get and give a great deal of respect

  • You are independent in your work

  • You have leadership skills and you work heard to get to the top

  • You dislike people who criticize you and you can become resentful of them

  • Variety interests you and you are easily bored

  • You attract attention due to your natural charisma

  • You appreciate beauty and harmony and seek to create it

  • You are more creative than your other friends

  • You tend to be emotionally sensitive when it comes to relationships

  • You do not handle setbacks well and may obsess over a past disappointment

  • You have a well-developed sense of intuition

  • You are a spiritual person

  • You are wise about the world and have an old soul

  • You are trustworthy and have a lot of responsibilities

  • You tend to live in the past or the future, not in the present moment

  • You are smart and you tend to be a perfectionist

  • You take pride in your appearance and enjoy taking the time to look good

  • You can be negative when asked for your opinion

  • You have a natural confidence that can come off as snobbishness to others

  • You have a positive outlook

  • You enjoy giving to others

  • You take a long time to warm up to people due to your suspicious mind

  • You are emotionally sensitive and you dwell on people’s comments

  • You get frustrated easily and may leave projects unfinished

  • You appreciate alone time

…And yep : )




Lmao this is so trueee


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I was born on Thursday!

But the only thing from that that is correct is “you are easily bored” XD


Yeah, I get easily bored too lol :laughing: :revolving_hearts:


Monday. And not even close. LOL

Not only am I not fair of face, I am actually quite the ugly duckling.

That’s okay though, I have talent. God didn’t make me to be pretty, He made me to be creative. <3 <3


Hey, don’t call yourself that! :sparkling_heart:

God made us all beautiful <3 <3 <3

And God gave us our passions, too ^^

Creativity is such an awesome thing to have. I know someone who’s born on a Monday and their art is super beautiful; I wish I can do art like that but for now I just admire it :heart_eyes_cat:

Now write, “I’m pretty and I know it” :sunglasses:


XD You don’t understand, lol…

I suppose maybe God thinks I’m not an ugly duckling, >.>

But the most important thing is that I’m an artist and I’m good at it. <3 <3

The worst thing about having creativity is when you lose it. But oh man, when you have it again. There’s so much you wanna do but there’s not enough time to do it and it isn’t humanly possible to do it fast enough.

Also I pay too close attention to details that no one else cares about. Lol >.>


It’s a good thing creativity comes in an unlimited supply :smile_cat:


Tuesday …:kissing_heart::sparkling_heart::two_hearts::heartpulse:


I do hold a lot of grudges…:grimacing:
But, I think I learned that from @Secretz_lol. :joy:

Should parents smack their kids?

Ha I’m definitely not full of grace


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That’s true… most of the time

Lol this one is so accurate. :joy:

Ehh when I was little I was more responsible and that stuff lol.

Sometimes yes sometimes no it depends.


Lol…Usually that’s the case. :laughing: