Personality traits

Hey there,
I would love to know what personality traits you like/dislike!
Also specific ones for girls AND boys!!

-Thanks in advance!


traits? or like switching personalities?



Oooohhh I like the mysterioussss typppeeeee lol

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For girls:

  • Classy and sophisticated in terms of fashion, intelligent, and demure

For boys:

  • Mysterious, reserved, smart, and intelligent

These are huge turn-ons for me.


For all genders:

I like people who are thoughtful, patient, generous, honest, sensitive (but not overly sensitive.), smart, sweet, and caring.

I don’t like people who are overly sarcastic, brash, two-faced, heartless, and un-flawed. I really don’t like people who don’t have common sense.

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Keep this thread alive!

My type:
Calm, but nice and thoughtful, with a touch of bad and a little rebel!!!

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For guys: altruistic, tolerant, extrovert, friendly, funny, warm, forgiving, clever, loyal.

For girls: funny, friendly, interested in a wide variety of subjects, modest.

I don’t like: people who are insensitive to other people’s feelings.

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Yaay thanks for liking my thread😊

Traits I appreciate: Intelligence, cheeriness, passion for at least one subject, a good sense of humour, and honesty.

Traits I’ll just walk away from: Having NO hobbies, interrupting people/never replying, having poor morals, and making just TOO MANY inappropriate remarks.

Just being honest.

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What do you mean exactly by ´NO hobbies´ ?

I mean if the person isn’t passionate about doing anything, then they’re (no offense) not that interesting to me.
When someone is interested in a particular activity/subject, you automatically have lots more potential for conversation.

I once knew a girl who did NOTHING all day but listen to the same handful of songs, write swear words on her arms (in Sharpie), complain about school, and… and… that’s it, basically.
I’d rather bash my head against a wall than try to have an engaging conversation with someone like that.

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Thanks for explaining :blush:
But yea that somehow sounds boring (no offense!)

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