Personalized Animated Intro/ Tappable Menu Templates Offer!

Hello, everyone!

  • On the occasion of my parent’s marriage anniversary by September 5, I’m offering to do detailed and personalized animated intro/ tappable menu templates for your stories at only 3-12 dollars. (Prices differ based on the currency you use, USD is my default. Do dm me if you want to know the price in your currency.) (Rate depends on the difficulty of the request)

  • This offer only lasts until Sept 5. I’m doing this to get a gift for my parents and it will be the first gift from me with my own hard work, so I would love for you guys to support me on this.

  • Payments are only through Paypal or Kofi.

  • My Tappable Menu examples: (the first one is the one I finished yesterday, everything was done by me as per the request of the authors.)

  • For animated Intros, you can find my latest one here: Animated Intro
    As you can see from the examples, I’m good with gif intros as well :wink:

  • You can either reply to this thread, or pm my on my IG @sm._.writes or PM me here on forums as well.

  • Do only request if you have Paypal or Ko-fi and Paypal fees will be covered by you.

  • Thank you everyone! I hope you can share this so that I can surprise my parents this time!

  • If you need any other coding services, dm me. Here’s the drive link of my other examples: Coding Examples - Google Drive


Love your examples!
And good luck :blob_hearts:

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Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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