Pet peaves in stories?

What are for you some pet peaves in stories? For me when there are multiple LI or when there is a whole relationship before the one between the MC and LI with someone else to make de LI jealous… :roll_eyes: :woman_shrugging: Let me know your pet peaves

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When the MC sees some mean girl or whatever hitting on the LI when the LI is tryna back the girl off and she doesn’t let him explain or anything when the LI trusts her she just runs away and crys or smth. Lol that annoys me a lot.


I know right that always happens :woman_shrugging: :roll_eyes: :joy:


No subplots for the side characters


Yes, this suck so much.

but one there is worse is, guy is horny for MC, but she wont sleep with him, but he need that :cat2: for his :eggplant:. but what is this hot, but mean girl is here, she wanna sleep with him. and this alone is bad enough in itself. and then it gets worse because next morning he is always, go away I dont like you, I love MC. dude now you are straight up mean. I hate it so much. imagine be the girl it happened too.


I know it ain’t much but my pet peev’s with stories are:

  • when the speechbubbles aren’t in the right place it just makes me wanna read the story less.

  • When MC looks like a damn 14 year old combared to her 5’9 LI like uh no that is not okay (she isn’t actually 14 don’t worry the spot directing makes her look it)


I hate when that happens :joy: just it’s not that hard to do speechbubble directing

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exactly! Speechbubbles was the first thing I learnt to do when I started coding

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