Pet Peeves assisting as coder

Hey guys, I don’t mean to attack anyone or sound rude. Just venting about my recent experience with helping others with coding. I really don’t mind helping anyone with coding but I’m not writing your story for you. There’s a difference when someone asks, “hey how do you do this?” vs “here’s a plot now run with it.” If you can’t come up with a dialogue for a small scene for your first chapter then maybe you shouldn’t be writing. Especially if you’re the “author.” Has anyone experienced this?


My cousin did that to me :sweat_smile: so i wrote the whole story and published it under my name she just came up with 2 lines :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It infuriates me when people take the time to go on the forums for coding help when the portal has a document with all the codes that can answer their questions.

It’s faster to just look through the document too?


I understand what you mean though.

You come to a friend with ideas on a story and they’re supportive, but you end up writing all the details and they do like hardly any writing and contribution.

And then by the end you’re just a bit reluctant on putting their name…

But at the same time you’re too nice.

lol I already know that if I continued to help them I know they probably wouldn’t credit me unless I coded that in myself.
The “author” I was helping won’t speak to me without her friend because she said only her friend can understand her… Girl I understood what you just wrote to me. You’re fine.
So I asked her something simple like who are these 2 characters in her story. Didn’t answer me at all lol

What is the link to your story? I’ll check it out.

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I like to be professional lol
Plus I don’t think they would appreciate being dragged by the community for an unpublished story :rofl:

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Loving the demons its not that great :sweat_smile:

I remember first time when I started… guides were so confusing, asking questions helped me, fortunately I had my friend to answer them all.

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I so get it! As I’m here mostly to help others. I’ve made many guides, but people are still asking for making scenes for them. Sometimes I don’t mind, but people are getting lazy! Some of them are not even trying to understand what you’re saying, just want a ready code. :persevere:

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Are you currently working on a story?

I’m working on my own story right now, but sometimes I help others with their stories too.

Oh ok. Do you want a co writer? I’m looking for a writing partner.

Sorry, but I definitely don’t have a time for begin a co-writer. I work a lot and in my free time I work on my own story (I have no idea how people writing 2-3 stories at once :open_mouth: )

That’s ok. Maybe another time. I think the people who write multiple stories at a time have a solid idea for the first 3 chapters and then they have a writer’s block.

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