Pet Peeves on Episode Community

This is not directed towards anyone in the community or at episode. So, please refrain from naming anyone. These pet peeves are based on what the community does generally

I have been part of this community for 6 years and I’ve seen how the community reacts to certain situations, especially the drama.

I wanted to know what your episode community pet peeves.

My pet peeves are:

  1. When they jump on the bandwagon and don’t gather all the facts first

  2. When they don’t see other people’s perspectives so they go on a full hate rant, attacking the person

  3. When people attack others for “defending” episode’s decisions

What are yours?


I agree on number 1 - it’s really cool you can see nuance in situations!

When someone hosts a giveaway but never give the winners their prizes.

  • People begging for a new chapter consistently in my DMs after I’ve already told them I’m working on the new chapter but I’m just busy due to family and personal reasons. :see_no_evil:
  • Mass “cancelling” an author before any proof is shown.
  • Some people who take art and trace just because they can and are too lazy to make their own art.
  • Accounts that are made solely to make fun of an author/s or slander them.
  • On forums specifically - when people flag others because they don’t like their harmless opinion. This is a public forum, have some respect for yourself and don’t abuse the flag system.
  • Romanticism of killers/abusers. Remember that ink story about the killer and abuser who hit the MC with his car and mentally and physically abused her countless times, the one that got removed? That story had a whole fan community of people condoning his actions, and the author was encouraging it. (Not gonna expose the name, but I’m sure we all know what I’m talking about.)

(i probably have more, I might add them once I think of them :eyes:)


Rude authors and rude readers are my biggest pet peeves. I totally agree with @Abimations4 readers begging for a new chapter or updates. Especially if we are talking about CC. Most authors have a reason not to include CC or include limited CC. If they give that reason away, don’t ask about CC again. But I also don’t like it when authors are rude to readers to be honest. :wink:


My biggest one is when people are always trying to make episode writers publish their chapters faster. But I don’t think these types of people actually understand how hard it can be to code your first 1k lines. I don’t think they even know that you have to CODE these stories. And it takes sm time


I do remember that. It’s honestly sad how easily influenced some people are because of their favorite author. You can like them and/or their story but that shouldn’t excuse any wrong behavior that they do or show in their stories. They look up to their favorite authors as angels who can do nothing wrong, that’s why they always attack those who think otherwise. It’s really sad, honestly.

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You’re definitely right about this - because I once had someone in my DMs tell me it “shouldn’t take so long to write one chapter, it takes, what, like an hour out of your time?” I couldn’t help but laugh. Honey, it takes WAY more than an hour. Maybe multiply that by 12-15.

For people who have never tried coding on episode, it can be a hard thing to grasp until you’ve tried it, which makes me think sometimes that it should be a requirement that readers should have to code a short scene before they’re allowed to demand new chapters, so they know how much time it really takes.

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Yeah, it’s sad. I bet most of the readers of stories like those are young teens/tweens, which makes it feel all the more gross to me. Some authors such as those need to take a long hard look at who their audience actually is and what they’re encouraging.


Thank you! It takes so long to code these stories, and you get punished for not publishing frequently which is impossible for most people like me.

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The majority people in the episode community who talk the most crap about author’s and their stories haven’t even tried to write or code a story of their own. I also think it’s entitled to demand that an author should add customizations in their stories or constantly tells them to make their chapters over 20 minutes long.


authors with a big following being entitled haha
I have been in the community for around 6 years too
use to speak to authors who are now big authors and they don’t give me the time of day anymore :smirk: Even though I helped them in ways sharing stories, doing edits etc when my insta was bigger than there’s.
Takes 2 seconds to reply to a message :woman_shrugging:t4:


People complaining about people complaining

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People ghosting people/friend ghosting friend

Authors who randomly dm people to promote their stories have to expect that not everyone will respond. I understand if people do not reply. But there are people who says they want to help you with art, be your writing partner or do r4r and then ghost you. If you can’t do it just politely reply and explain. People will understand you. Ghosting is very rude yk

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That really sucks, I know how you feel. I used to make a lot of resources for episode friends, and some of them got big and stopped engaging with me as much

one of my biggest pet peeves is when authors don’t update their CC with the new features even if the story was released forever ago. i stumble upon old stories that are great, but the CC is old and it’s hella annoying…

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I plan on being extremely rude to anyone demanding I put CC in my (as yet unpublished) story. It’ll be my prerogative as an author. :rofl: