Pet Peeves: Stalkers

Back with another thread about pet peeves. I know what you’re thinking, you might think I’m some cynical c**t hence the name Salted Caramel.

I don’t know about you but it really bothers me when people say s**t like “Just take it as a compliment” or “you should be flattered” when someone is being disturbingly creepy causing you to feel uncomfortable and makes you super anxious and overwhelmed.


First things first , keep it up with these threads, I find them super interesting and I’m a person who never knew the difference between psycopath and psychic until a few years ago :sweat_smile:

Anyways, yessss!!! I find it annoying to be honest when they say that you should be grateful or whatever . Me? Having to be grateful for a creep behind my back 24/7 ?! Then whenever you tell some one , they treat it like its what the Morden days are supposed to be !!

If people from the past managed to master time travel , they’d be very disappointed seeing our world like this instead of flying cars :unamused:


Whoever told you to take it as a compliment has problems and needs a check up more than the stalker.

This is funny coming from me. :moyai:


Glad you enjoy my threads even though I am very salty haha.

I know right. Like there is this creep at the supermarket near my house and man I get very uncomfortable when he’s there. Like he kept staring at me and earlier on, he was talking to his co-workers telling them how much of a piece of meat I am and that made me really uncomfortable. When I was at the isle where all the pasta things are, he started talking to me and I didn’t bother to answer because he made me feel very uncomfortable. Luckily I told my close friend about this and she understands that it’s wrong of him to be hitting on me when I’m at the supermarket to do my groceries and go.

After that happened, there was this awful girl that went to the gym I go to and she was so creepy. She never stopped stalking me. She hasn’t seen me for a long time and when she saw me, I was freaked out that I told her to go away. It’s worse that she lives in the same area as me but luckily not the same street as me.

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I know right (check the comment on what happened)

It was scary as fk that this son of a b*h thinks he has the right to talk to his colleague about how much of a piece of meat I am and he’s that desperate to get in my pants even though I’m at the supermarket to just do my shopping and go home. I feel really uncomfortable now since he has been freaking me out.


I have a similar issue but maybe not as extreme. So I’m in high school and there’s this boy in my grade. He’s had a crush on me for the last I don’t even know, I came to the school two years ago so I mean, maybe that’s how long :joy: So, it’s not that cute kinda crush. He is the total outsider in our grade. Everyone thinks he’s weird, maybe because it’s true. But he’s so nice to me, but too nice and it borders on stalker level. I was talking to my friends, soft conversation, he’s at least 10 metres away and I asked my friend a question and he answered for her, and how could he have known the answer anayway?! It was a question that I was like, why would he know the answer. Anyway I’m rambling xD. He used to throw me his food and I kept it maybe once just to be nice and was like “well. Ok. Free food yay.” But the next few times I gave it back cause I wasn’t feelin it. He didn’t hand it to me nicely, he threw it at me…
He got my number off of the English WhatsApp chat group and he texted me all the tiiime. At least 20 messages in a row of his thoughts, random memes that weren’t funny btw for me (I love memes btw). We talked, i never really told him about myself. Oh, this one time he was trying to guess my middle name. I’m like “nah, he’ll never get it, it’s a random name and I never told anyone he knew, I told like 1 person in my school and on his first guess he got it right “like whaaa…”
Then later on, after more awkward stuff happened and I got more uncomfortable. He invited me with his friend (who is awesome btw) to the movies, I was like ok this will be fun, I wanted to see that movie anyway so why not. The experience was horrible, never felt more uncomfortable in my life. It doesn’t help that I have social anxiety and I’m kinda an introvert too :no_mouth:

So I said to him a few days later after him still spamming messages,” I don’t wanna be friends” he then told me to “f*** off” I blocked him.

A few weeks later he began emailing to my private email and school email. Saying all kinds of bollocks. Oh and my friends tease me about this boy liking me and stalking me :skull: ( is this stalking btw?)

Rant and random story over

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It’s terrifying. It can make you feel scared and kinda used. Sorry this is happening to you.

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Wow that is disturbing as f**k. What is it with guys that we don’t like being this creepy?

It was so creepy omg. I think I need someone to go to the shops with me or I should complain to the manager that this douchebag is making me feel uncomfortable whenever I go to the shops.

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They must fire his creepy ass!

I hope so too. Maybe I should sue the supermarket for hiring such creepy people. Flirting with strangers isn’t on their job description.

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