Pet Photos Name Game 🥰

I’ll give you a hint! The calico and grey cat are named after food, they’re all girls and the chameleons name rhymes with Hissy.

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Daisy, Layla, Ralph (for any of them)

Hint, I have a Coraline name, a couple Scott Pilgrim names, A narnia name, a bellbook and candle name, a Zelda name a bobs burgers name and a fire emblem name

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Tissy? Kissy?
Strawberry, Hamburger, Rosemary?

No, I can see those suiting them but they are all fandom names, I put the fandoms if anyone wants to look it up

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Hold on is it link, ganon, Zelda, Mipha or Rivali?

The chameleon looks like a Creepy, I feel like that name is derpy and suites him

Yes! Mipha is the gecko good job on that

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Oh well not exactly her name rhymes with Hissy and she’s a little a derpy.



Kissy? Tissy?

Minus one letter every time!

Girl you have me reading aloud my ABCs :rofl:

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Issy? Sissy?

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Her name is Hissy Izzy!

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Oh! That’s cute! I was kind of there lol

You were! And we call her that cus she used to hiss at us cus she was scared!

Awww, I still think creepy is cute too LOL, I love chameleons