[PETITION] Forums is closing this month

As announced by Nika:

How do you feel about this?

Wow, the response! This is what the community is about. Coming together, sharing concerns and/or opinions, thoughts etc without the worry of being disrespected. This is the community that will be missed, by past AND present members.
To help the threads you feel are incredibly important, please bump them while you still can! The Forums are closing June 28th. Support each other, in the little time we have left. That may sound a bit dramatic, but trust me, it matters. Also, please let me stress the importance of respecting the mods still!! They’re only doing their jobs. They deserve respect, as much as anyone here. :black_heart:



NO WAY I didn’t even see that! All the resources and stuff people have shared on here has been so useful! I feel like the forums is so much better and easier to use than Discord but I understand why they’d switch :frowning:


I have so many feelings and opinions on it. I have no idea how to use discord, so I’ll have to spend time I don’t have learning it. I’m also worried about not being able to identify people who are in the community with different users and profile pictures. There’s so much to say here, but mostly I feel overwhelmed and pretty sad about it.


Creators/artists can still share their work in channels in the server, but not everyone has a google drive unfortunately. Which means their Forums link(s) will no longer work too. :sweat_smile: I feel like Forums is much easier to navigate, it’s simplistic and Discord is constantly updating. I can understand why Episode are seemingly taking a more “out with the old, in with the new” approach, though. Still sad :smiling_face_with_tear:


Completely understandable! As I’ve just mentioned in another reply, Discord is constantly updated. Which means further learning the new features, whereas Forums is more simplistic.

So shocked about this! The forums definitely helps visually for me, especially if I need overlays or any directing help now or in the future.

It’s a huge decision to close this but hopefully discord will work out better. :sob:


Even if I was one one the people who had the chance to explore epi Discord server, I didn’t think they would close forums so drastically!!! :sob::sob::sob:

Not a fan of it at all
Discord is confusing and I prefer forums


I’m sad the forms is closing and I haven’t really been here that long. I don’t feel like continuing my background and overlay thread anymore so I won’t be uploading that anywhere else the same way. I will continue working on my story though (hopefully) and I will still be in the community.


I know! I was thinking the same. It feels so drastic and sudden. :weary:


honestly like everyone else it’s a mixed of emotions, but I feel like they shouldn’t close it down and understand that some people like myself included is used to the forums and that it’s helpful to use. But I guess good for them for doing something new.:smiling_face_with_tear:


WHAT :sob:


oh my gosh! i literally just saw this and i cannot believe it! i love this site so much :pleading_face: i honestly feel like its more accessible for everyone because since they’re changing over to discord soon, not many people will join the server because most people here probably don’t even use discord. i feel like the website was easier for many.


As said by Pantherlily in the Discord server:
“I do like the idea of Discord and I think moving over is nice too! but I’m not sure about the whole getting rid of the forums entirely. I think even just keeping it up and not allowing anyone to post would be beneficial because I know there is a lot of glitches people have found and have fixed simply bc of the forums posts”

This would be extremely helpful. Instead of outright shutting down Forums, let it remain open for viewing at the very least, even if it’s just for a year or so. This would give people a lot more time to slowly move over to the server if they wish to do so.

As I said in the server:
From a marketing POV, Episode has to move over to more “newer” platforms.

This is one of the most likely top reasons for such a drastic change. And as a company, it’s a smart move, even if the members (us) aren’t all too thrilled.


I am absolutely enraged at this honestly…I have gathered and saved so many resources from the forums over the years and now it’s going to all be erased. I’m in the discord server but I plainly don’t like it at all.

Episode has been getting on my nerves lately for so many reasons and this is just the cherry on top. I’ve been here for 8 years and and it was hard learning to code which I think is why I’ve stuck to Episode- because I don’t want to dedicate another hundreds of hours to learn new type of code.

This announcement is really unfortunate.

The forums is so much easier to use and beginner friendly. Hope it’s worth it Episode.


@Nika_mod will this be a possibility? I know this would help the current community ease more into Discord. Like I’ll be losing hundreds of saved threads, including how to fix some errors, backgrounds, ect. If this is possible I think we would all appreciate it.


Honestly I just joined the Episode Discord server and it’s confusing soo much . Everything seems really cluttered & crammed .
I wouldn’t mind a Episode Official discord server but I wish we would get to keep Episode forums too . To save everything , all the learning moments from people , the edit & bg threads . All of that .


Exactly! I honestly really dislike discord as an app lol


Definitely agree with the Forums being much more user friendly! I use Discord daily and the constant updates definitely confuse me. I find Forums’ simplicity quite refreshing, it would be a shame for it all to be erased in less than a month. :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Not to mention a lot of those who did find the majority of their BGs & overlays made friends with the creators, too. Forums will always be special because of aspects such as this.


This is what I thought was happening, tbh! Episode Official starting their own server as another option for members of the community to be a part of if they wished to be, rather than it becoming the “new forums”.

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100% agree with that.
Plus the amount of work, codes, workshops, etc, that was created here and you could actually find many things (from bg/overlays to help/coding tips) easily…