Okay, so this is a petition for more ink stuff, obviously. 90% of the people I know in the episode community like ink way more than limelight. So we the community would like more ink clothes and animations. Hairstyles and more customizations too? The ink clothes and animations are limited. So if you agree, please post down below!


Guys I made this post before they announced that Ink is discontinued, I know that now. I think what I’m striving for now is all of the hidden animations and featured things. I’m always going to be an ink fan, LL is okay, but ink is my love and I’m fighting for the release of the content that they have made and that can be released.

Is ink gonna die?
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More stuff for Ink!
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Yeah, I agree on this. They should add kick animations and more stuff.


I completely agree with you Cat! They should add more pregnancy options and more animations/clothing for ink!


I support this. While I do like Limelight and plan to use it in the future, INK is still the favorite of most readers and authors. I would really like to see Episode expand clothes and animations for INK too, even though I know Limelight is the style they’re working on now.


I completely agree with this. :+1:t3:
I wish we had the walk_angry animation, and of course more pregnancy clothes.
A jeans skirt would be nice too.


yes i agree… more Ink features ,:laughing::laughing:


Agreed, i think Ink made a big impact to this community, inspired everyone to make fan art, inspired to create stories, i prefer Ink all the way, it’s sad they are dropping it now, they could make 2 teams, one for limelight, and another for ink, new hairs, clothes and animations would be so welcome… Since ink is much easier to work with, and more appealing to play i think, i don’t like the movements of limelight too much… seems to plastic and too smooth, i wanna like it, but it not a win. Plus the new clothes the added on ink were so good, they shouldn’t just stop there.


I support this. Not because I dislike LL. I understand that it’s hard to invest in both styles at once but if both styles prosper (sorry, Classic lovers! no offense), authors will have a choice. Not a choice between “cool but obsolete” and “updated but forced on everyone”, but an artistic choice. Some stories are better told in Ink and some in LL, and the choice should depend on the story, not on the available resources. Like now, for example, superhero outfits have been released for LL but not for Ink. This may have influenced the choices of authors writing for the H&V contest. But it shouldn’t have.

I know that this is about technology and that the team is doing its best. But thinking of the future of writing on Episode, I root for a variety of styles, not for the dominance of Limelight. I’m not saying that LL is “worse”, it’s getting better. But at its highest point, LL won’t be Ink because each style gives off different vibes. I hope that Ink with its charming playfulness will always be an option, and not an archaic one.


I totally support this! I prefer Ink as a writer and a reader!! Please Episode, DON’T LET INK DIE!


Yes! Like more chokers and leggings and all that.


Support :slight_smile:

Winter clothes would be nice,
also more normal clothes for women as they mainly have slutty outfits :smiley:
also the guys could need some more normal clothes :wink:


I agree there should be more INK clothes like another stage pregnancy or more clothes in general.
Same for animations. Maybe even some earrings for the guys, and tattoos for the woman’s which would give another level to the bad girl characters


Support! Need more guys clothes that aren’t weird and definitely a few extra actions would be nice. Still want some fantasy skin colors like blue, green, purple, red, etc. More time period clothing would be awesome, different military uniforms, etc.


Support!!! INK is my favorite style!


I totally support this!


So well put :clap::clap::clap:


I 100% agree with this.


I completely agree




I support this!