Do not answer to them anymore, Suzy. Do not even bother. They wanted attention and they got it :roll_eyes:

Let’s just keep supporting our amazing style!


Yeah you are right…I am with you…:+1:…INK…:heart_eyes:


bump :yellow_heart:

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I totally agree with you.
INK needs much more than it has now.


I understand that you need to move on and its very sad to hear that,but you have reasons.Its good that you at least try to publish some stuff which is left and thank you for that.But why want you update?

I think the time of featured INK stories is almost at the end and It would really be a good last present for the community and you will at least get the situation a little bit under control,like petitions and everything.Maybe publishing does stuff in a few times,like,when you make 10 new items for LL you can also publish the old 10 items from featured INK stories,would be the best way for the community and readers to accept the situation for INK and it would make a little bit peace and good mood.


I agree. Although, there’s many no gem stuff from featured stories and we can’t have them. At least not now.

There’s this idea HERE you can support! I personally would pay for every outfit there if I could use it later in my story.

If you didn’t support yet, support HERE as well, about outfits from featured stories :slight_smile:


MORE INK!!! im sorry but i hate the way limelight characters move. They look so creepy. Its nor fair that they wont update and give same options for ink. Ink deserves more updates as well.


Thank you! :blush:

I still don’t understand why Episode refuses to make more content for Ink. It would make a lot of people really happy T_T I don’t get it!!!


I agree, I love ink a lot, and I wish they would make more of it :((


I would want at least hidden stuff to be released but nah… :frowning_face:


Fr! :sob: The clothes are so cute and the sweats they had were a MUST! :sneezing_face:


SUPPORT! I know they have more stuff for ink that weren’t released. I don’t understand why they don’t release it?


The least they could do? You don’t think they work hard enough already?

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No one said they don’t work hard enough??? I’m talking about INK not getting updated because they say it’s old, it’s not that old and there’s a lot of unreleased features and new colors wouldn’t be too hard to create (it’s literally 2 shades and they can take as much as months they want no one is rushing, we just want something new)


No but you were kinda implying it.

I understand that people want knew INK content but they are focusing on limelight now as INK is not a sustainable style. Why would they release new colours if it’s not beneficial for them as a company?

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Whatever, whether they are working hard enough or not is my opinion and I’m allowed to have it.

Also, this is a petition thread for new INK stuff, not a discussion on why INK should be getting new features.


Ok, I’m also allowed my opinion as a petition is about discussing other valid opinions.

Thank you :slight_smile:

@southampton23 Oh my God, I am begging you! Do not start this bs again. Not here. You are on every thread that supports INK throwing shit and I am just sick of it. Please, stop it. You hate the style and think Episode’s work is perfect. We get it.

Now let us support INK and have our opinions here.


I don’t hate the style? My first story is in it and I liked it. If you have a problem with my opinions, PM privately. Please don’t bring your hatred onto this thread. Thank you.