Support! Ink should be treated equally to limelight!


um no. limelight and ink should be treated equally.




I totally agree!!! :100::pray:t5:


I just discovered that episode is finished with INK. They have updated the system so it is no longer efficient to create INK outfits and animations as it takes longer because it uses old technology. LL uses new technology and is a lot faster therefore it’s easier for the episode team to do.


I have to say…
I prefer LL more than INK.


I know people find LL yucky, and robotic…
But I’ve been on Episode since the time INK released. I was so happy, and it was my fave even when LL first came. But soon, I just started realizing… INK is no more than a lot of bad boy and cliché stories. I mean… so are LL, but I find LL more realistic, and easier.


I disagree, only because I know so many stories in ink that are far from cliche. It’s not going to be any different with LL, there will still be cliche stories. BUT I do understand why you like LL better. It has a lot more animations and skin tones, etc. The style doesn’t change anything though, there will always be cliches no matter what style.


@cateyedgoddess I totally get where you’re going.

I mean… some stories that are in LL now… used to be INK.

And I like most of the INK versions better.

But, yeah. Since more people have/or are trying to use LL there are more originals being made, or released. (Not that there isn’t for INK.)


I agree! :smile:


I agree.


more Ink! the animation are way better!!


I know they flag without a reasonable reason!


I prefer Ink, too.

But about the animations in Limelight, Episode is currently updating them and making them better :hugs:




everyone uses more ink. We NEED more ink cloths, animations, props, body colors, hairstyles, the list is long.


I would absolutely love if they could update and work on Ink as well and Limelight! I understand that it may be hard for them to program Classic again, however this is Ink we are talking about, and it’s clear that many people still support and ABSOLUTELY LOVE this style!!


oo i agree too ! i think they should add a wider variety of props and such because it’s VVV limited.


Absolutely love ink and not keen on limelight at all, new clothing, behaviours and backgrounds would be great for ink!