I want a sad walking animation


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For INK there is already a ‘walk_sad’ animation :))


OMG I SO AGREE I LOVE INK!! I don’t really like limelight that much, I think INK has more induvidual looks, while in limelight they all look pretty much the same. I SAY MORE INK!!


INK SHALL LIVEEEEEE (I dont mind LL but still…)


Totally agree!! Ink is much better than Limelight and many authors and readers prefer it to Limelight!


I totally agree!


They should release the music that seems to only play in featured stories, and the hidden animations.

It’s silly that ANIMATIONS of all things can be used in Featured Stories. I get that Ink won’t get any more updates, so just release the hidden stuff instead.


I personally love Ink and with Limelight u have so many options, which is unfair


honestly i don’t really like limelight my only love is ink sorry not sorry it’s not fair that u still seem to be abandoning ink i never play stories in limelight neither will i ever make one in limelight


Ink is the best. I’ve never finished a limelight story. Episode only made a handful of ink stories, when that was the only genre, and none of them have been actually good, and some are even unfinished. I wish ink got more recognition, like more actions, clothing, features, and etc, bc I think maybe most of the community likes it the best.


If this was the case, then they would have just updated to a newer version of classic and INK probably would have never existed.


And indeed they could have. Technology and art styles are two different things. I mean, it would be really rude to tell an artist that their style isn’t high tech enough… and it wouldn’t make much sense! Any art can be upgraded to better tech. However, back in 2014, a lot of people were complaining about Classic being “ugly”.


For example, the new Incredibles film looks a lot better than the old one even though the art is the same. That’s because the technology has improved significantly. Things have moved on a long way since they had to draw each individual frame of an animation. Now, instead they create a character and then give it a “skeleton” with “muscles”. These muscles can move on their own without having to draw each individual movement. So now they can create new animations without having to draw each frame. That has been true of all the styles, but every few years it becomes easier to animate the “muscles” and “bones” and it looks more fluid and is generally easier and quicker to create new animations. That doesn’t mean the style needs to change, though.

But that’s a really rudimentary, simplistic explanation. My boyfriend is much more clued up, so I’ll link him in:



Male LLs are so unattractive. The hair the face…everything. its funny when stories say “i saw a sexy stranger”…where? Cuz its not tht LL dude. X3


Limelight barely has stuff compared to Ink. It’s a new style, they are gonna have to give more attention to it.


I think I’ll stop reading episodes if they get rid of ink!! I feel like their trying to push the limelight agenda.


limelight is the new style ofc its gonna get pushed. plus ink is discontinued


This is honestly annoying how people are being so petty over the style when Limelight barely has anything compared to Ink. It’s stupid. :woman_shrugging:t5:


They keep trying to push limelight. I think ink stories are more successful, there’s more of them, and they have millions and millions of reads. I dislike how they just stopped ink randomly and switched to limelight. Anyone remember the male muscular body type for ink? They had it very briefly then took it away to be said to edit it, and it never came back.