AGREEEE! so many people prefer ink anyway


Support! INK will always be my favorite!


Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is less of a request and more of a discussion of desired Ink features/animations. :wink:


Yes! I completely agree!


I tried to save Episode in the last forums. I failed - nothing happened from it. They just opened up and said they were actually abandoning it. I think they were planning to keep hush-hush about that until someone mentioned it. There’s no communication between them and us and it’s rerrible.

Until I get the walk_angry animation, I’m gonna continue being bitter about the lack of Episode INK updates.


Actually, Liz responded to this thread earlier. Here’s a link to her post if you don’t feel like scrolling through the topic: PETITION: More Ink!


This is the exact same post I was sent in the previous forum. I think it’s odd that they don’t make an actual post. They only reply when someone brings it up.


Hopefully, they’ll make an announcement once they’re done releasing ink assets


I want a sad walking animation


We are voting for Ink features here. Check it out and vote!:


For INK there is already a ‘walk_sad’ animation :))


OMG I SO AGREE I LOVE INK!! I don’t really like limelight that much, I think INK has more induvidual looks, while in limelight they all look pretty much the same. I SAY MORE INK!!


I took another break and now I’m back again at the forums!


thats gr8