I simply said that this thread is not to debate about why Episode won’t update Ink, it’s a thread to ask them to change their mind. Not sure where I was bashing anyone.


I totally agree! More hairstyles, animations and tattoos would be great!


How does it relate to the thread?


it’s about wanting more INK duh.


I’m not going to argue with someone who says I’m bashing and being unchill and then they treat me with condescension. I stand by my original statement and will discuss it no further.


There’s nothing wrong with asking and showing support to our favorite style! Like you all asking for LL updates or bigger batches or stuff you want :woman_shrugging: even tho we all know what Episode said about it.


Exactly! But I am entitled to my opinion too. I have no hate or shade towards Ink but I was just stating my on topic opinion on how There not making Ink anymore. No negative energy intended :sweat_smile:


Your opinion wasn’t wrong or rude. You were just saying and addressing.You weren’t mean at all. Honestly I agree with you


Thank you! Just a little confused cause it’s all been blown out of proportion :sweat:


You got an unfair reaction there. I feel like the animosity people aimed at you should be aimed at Episode… pretending that art style is the same as technology! You’re stating what you know, which is absolutely fine. I understand that we can love INK whilst moving on and trying out LimeLight, but I’ll keep saying that I’m not happy with INK being discontinued until they release walk_angry though


Walk_angry needs to be added for Ink lmao. I do love ink but I don’t believe I did anything wrong by stating my opinions. but hey, each to their own :slight_smile:


I feel like a fair reaction would be:

“That’s what they said? That’s stupid. They could just update INK’s technology. Technology and art style aren’t the same thing… Episode’s trying to fool us all!”


yeah, I guess. I don’t want to make the problem worse by continuing to talk a bout it. Thanks for your opinion though :smile:


I feel the same way, it’s such a shame that ink is discontinued but I think we will all learn to like Limelight eventually. Maybe ink authors should try limelight and see how fans like it. Just my opinion lmao :joy:

~Katie :purple_heart:


Okay, I just wanted to state my opinion for this.

Personally, I like INK and Limelight equally. There are many reasons why and I would make a thread, all about it.

My love for INK will never exceed Limelight nor my love for Limelight will never exceed INK. I love the two styles exactly the same. I don’t think it’s wrong you guys have a petition either, though I have complained about it, I personally don’t mind it. I love writing in INK, there are many clothing combinations I love using. I do, although, wish that we could get more animations and clothing items for INK. There are so many other possibilities and much more potential for INK. I know it’ll always remain a fan favorite.

Regarding Limelight, I know this thread is for INK lovers, but I’m a lover for both, so just call me a INKlight lover. Limelight’s clothing library is minimal. It does deserve much more attention for clothing and character features, but, I do think that INK deserves the attention for new assets after Limelight is sustained.

I do wish INK wasn’t continued, but, come on, I do think Limelight will die out like INK did when the technology is too poor after. If you have something off topic from this petition, PM me. I’m free to share more of my opinions. If it’s about INK, just reply. I don’t wanna start a fight because of my response, I’m a lover for both styles. :heart:


Kinda upsetting tbh, but oh well!


Then you’re going to be missing out on some super awesome storylines girl :wink:

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