Um, are you screaming into the void or is your comment addressing someone in particular? :joy:


I commented this for both LL and Ink fans


is ink very popular now though? Look at the trending section, it’s all limelight with one or two ink stories in the top 10. Also whenever a story is placed on a shelf the limelight ones always trend higher than the ink ones.


It’s still very popular, the most read user story of all time is INK. Limelight will only conquer INK when all famous authors start writing in LL.


Well I noticed a lot of the trending LL stories are on going & they were originally completed Ink stories. Probably recreated by request bc some LL authors recreate their stories in Ink as well. So I think they’re still on the same wavelength.


Clearly Limelight is more popular, we are not blind; this is what Episode wanted in the first place. All those updates served their purposes.

Just let us try to keep what is left of our DRAMATIC INK alive damn it.


I’m okay with both Limelight and Ink but I’m not really big on the classic art style because it looked too weird!

But anyway, with Limelight, there seem to be a lot of flaws like in some scenes the character goes topless or nude and you’re thinking “I didn’t choose to go topless or nude” :laughing: and I think that there needs to be more different hairstyles added such as sideswept bangs with wavy or curly hair for Limelight and for the Ink edition, I feel like there needs to be more hair colour options like dark red or any red colour.


Characters going nude is a glitch lol.


I see now lol. I was losing my mind whenever that happens haha