Clearly Limelight is more popular, we are not blind; this is what Episode wanted in the first place. All those updates served their purposes.

Just let us try to keep what is left of our DRAMATIC INK alive damn it.


I’m okay with both Limelight and Ink but I’m not really big on the classic art style because it looked too weird!

But anyway, with Limelight, there seem to be a lot of flaws like in some scenes the character goes topless or nude and you’re thinking “I didn’t choose to go topless or nude” :laughing: and I think that there needs to be more different hairstyles added such as sideswept bangs with wavy or curly hair for Limelight and for the Ink edition, I feel like there needs to be more hair colour options like dark red or any red colour.


Characters going nude is a glitch lol.


I see now lol. I was losing my mind whenever that happens haha


Kind of late, but yes. I support Ink fully!




I strongly agree, I like limelight but I prefer ink so it would be cool if they could make more hairstyles and clothes and such for ink.


It would be nice if we could get a little present this Christmas and they would give us a rest of stuff for INK :gift::christmas_tree:


That would be a present I would like to find under my Christmas tree. Unfortunately, I might or might not have been a naughty girl…

(On writing this, what I am trying to say is that I am not getting my hopes up too high. I would rather be surprised than disappointed.)

I wonder if we will ever get all those overdue updates :slightly_frowning_face:


I think we will do… in a 2 years time like they did with Classic :weary:

If style is not receiving updates it should be at least updated with the last stuff before moving to another one… :cry:

No one even wants to answer messages! :roll_eyes:


Sadly, sometimes being loud yet respectful will not do anything. That was this year’s lesson for me.

Let them focus on their precious Limelight. As long as we support INK, I think we will eventually get our updates.

I hope I am still around when that happens :frowning_face:


My Christmas wish! :heart_eyes:

I know… I know… but a girl can dream! :grin:


I love ink so I always will support this :heart:

And the guys in LL never look good to me


I dislike tattoes in real life, but damn, those ones look hOttt :heart_eyes:




Oof I can’t stand the guys in LL that’s a huge reason I hate it :joy:


I couldn’t agree more! Ink should get new updates too!


I agree and I also think that the hairstyles in limelight should be added onto Ink and some of the clothes as well.


Yes, I totally support this…Ink is still the most popular style that readers prefer more than the LL style…I hope they start updating the Ink style again.


I won’t read a story if it is in Limelight. The characters all look the same, especially the guys. I may read it in the future if I run out of Ink stories to read but at the moment I have tonnes saved so Limelight will have to wait :rofl: