I agree Ink is much more popular than LL :blush:


I agree. These new styles are overwhelming and extra! I don’t like change. Like it was overwhelming when the styles switched from classic to ink and now ink to limelight. I only like ink now and I don’t even bother reading limelight stories. The characters in limelight are hideous and they look like creepy robots. They have dead eyes ugh I just can’t with limelight. Like there are stories I actually really want to read like brozoned but I’m not reading it because it’s limelight. The ink characters seem more animated and I like that.


like seriously, limelight characters are STRAIGHT UP FREAKING UGLY AS HELL and I’m not gonna read that! Ink characters are the best looking.


The lack of change is what keeps a business from growing. There’s nothing wrong with change. Maybe there are new users who prefer Limelight over Ink, who even knows. Yes, Ink is still the best choice for both writers and readers but Episode isn’t really a niche business or market. Which is very clear.

For example, Toyota is loved by everyone because it’s the “people’s car”. It’s affordable, it’s the most reliable, it pleases everyone because they don’t focus on certain buyers. Mazda is probably the better choice between Toyota and Honda, but the reason why it has fewer customers is that they are more of a niche business. They target certain people. Same goes for Subaru.

Episode does not show that intention. They clearly want to expand their audiences, so why do y’all not want them to? Because you only want this certain aspect? That honestly sounds really selfish of everyone. Episode shouldn’t just brush off the minority. They are still making money off the minority.

It’s not like they’re going to remove the Ink style anyway. So Episode will still please the majority regardless they stop making Ink clothing or animations or whatever you all want for Ink. But then again this has happened when Ink first came out and Episode was with the Classic style. Not everyone liked Ink but slowly Ink became more popular than Classic. If Episode took more time with Limelight it would almost be 50/50 with Ink. There are still people making stories on Classic, there are most definitely people making stories on Ink, and there are people making stories with Limelight.

I’m not saying Episode is like Toyota, but their businesses are almost alike in a way that Episode wants to try and please everyone. Not just their majority.

In addition, the 8th post of this thread is what I mean in a nutshell. Without agreeing to this petition. It shouldn’t be about what’s “best” and what’s “worse”, but to just tell a story. Some (or maybe most) people have lost sight with this.


I totally agree! They’ve been updating LimeLight alot but Ink is still most used!!!


Change is good but I honestly feels like limelight was released way to soon and not work was put into details for the faces.


I hope you’re kidding?

LL has so much more animations, skin colors, hair colors, eye colors, EYEBROW colors, clothes, foods, and BASICALLY EVERYTHING!


When ink first came out I ABSOLUTELY hated it but right now it is bae.


I agree! It’s our bae!!! And now LL is taking shine away from our bae. Bae should get more prop and behavior options and bae should get more cute clothing


IK! But so many people hate LL idek what will happen to ink. :sweat: :cry:


I would be really grateful for a holding hand animation :disappointed_relieved:


I agree…

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So now do you see how Classic authors feel? THREE teams.
You can’t ask for Episode to not exclude your favorite style while you blatantly exclude ours.


Although maybe an ink situation will happen. Considering in the beginning when it was first released I didn’t like it at all, and I’m sure some other people did to.


I know right?! I recently was considering making a story involving a baby and then I realized that the parents can’t even hold their baby while walking!!! Like wtf! The kid was basically dangling from its parents arm as it walked. Honestly I feel like Episode added all those animations to LL because they are trying to get more people to use that style.


im gonna start my story soon and still cant decide which one to use. I like how bright and real limelight looks. There are better features and the hairstyles are better and more real. However the way they walk and run needs work and so do the other animations. When limelight first dropped it was sooo bad and now its better so im hopping they keep improving so it can be as good as ink. Or just upgrade the ink style. I love ink its still #1. Classic has always been hideous to me. idk why people ever used it lmao.


I totally support that!


I totally agree! ink is best. puppylove25


yeah do NOT love limelight but love ink :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


they should reaaaallllllyyyyy add mor e animtons I hate limelight but they have good animatins