So there is no chance of new animations or clothing for INK? :frowning:
What if more people like INK then LL though?


Correct, we are not making new items, but still have several releases planned for stuff that already exists.


As much as I understand that you’re putting your effort into LL but as a company like Episode, it’s about what the customers want. You’ll probably lose writers if Ink dies. I would consider writing in LL if the boys didn’t look like kids, and the movements weren’t so robotic. But now, my decision is clear. Ink or nothing. Again, this is just my opinion I don’t want to offend anyone.


i dont think more people will prefer ink over limelight. Especially with all the new updates to come. Im sure people felt this way about classic when they first transitioned to ink. People complained then fell in love with all the new additions ink provided and it became the most popular. This is no different. Eventually yall will learn to love limelight and get over it. Progression is a good thing. If this means more features and a better structure im all for it. When they first dropped limelight with the dolan twins story it didnt look that good, but man has it gotten so much better since then. Im convinced it can only get better. The new clothes, food and props are so dope. Im sure they are working hard to make this change so worth it. im excited to see what updates are coming for limelight.


Okay no, there is more ink clothes than limelight and they are still releasing more ink than limelight, and everyone hates limelight because there are no clothes! I understand what you mean but limelight has it worse.


You clearly havent looked in the writer portal lately. lol there is so much stuff for limelight. they just released a bunch of new stuff including new superhero outfits. If everyone hated it there wouldnt be so many people making their stories in that style.


Not a fan of limelight but it is growing on me it has improved a lot since first release. But I’ll stick to ink for awhile


There’s probably around 300 animations for LL. While the variety of clothing isn’t gigantic, they still have quite a lot to hold them off. I have an ink and LL story, and I’ll probably finish the ink one first, the come to the LL one. I as well hope in won’t be dropped.


Unfortunately, on the old forum, I made a point of trying to “save” INK, which will be coming to an end soon. They’re basically going to be releasing the last of INK stuff and then moving onto LimeLight soon. Sad :frowning:


There is a lot of INK stuff but, LL is taking over!!!


Well, sometimes change is a good thing. If they just kept ink forever, (or even if they never made ink and just stuck with classic) then do you think everyone would continue to stay on episode? People would probably ask for a new style eventually.


That looks like a 12 year old dressed up as a grandpa for a costume. In no way does that look like an adult.


I like it. They will be updating and adding more stuff to limelight as time goes on. its only the beginning. Im not worried. We’ll get older features soon idk why people think its gonna be stuck like that forever. INK wasnt hot when they first dropped it either but look at it now lol People need to get over it and embrace change. Especially those wanting more diversity and different body sizes and any other changes . They cant do it on the old platform ink is on.


I don’t think they would. I think it’s much more important to have a style that is well fleshed-out and has the full capabilities to allow us to make any kind of story. It’s better to have one good art style with loads of features, clothing choices and animations than three semi-finished ones.


I love Limelight its so realistic and I think that why people won’t jump on it and also that people hate change.


I wouldn’t say they’re going to lose writers but as a business standpoint, they have to evolve there product and give something new. I love INK it was the first style I wrote in and im very fond of it BUT I really really love LL it’s awesome, they have the BEST skin, lips, and eye colors. You can make your characters looks my diverse everyone won’t have the same eyes and lips. As far as it looks robotic, if anything there a bit more realism then ink.


I love both of the styles, but I’m just waiting for Episode to release new body styles on Limelight so I can write my story…!


I want everything new to limelight on INK. Ink (my opinion) has better animations.


I agree, I think we should get more modern clothing for ink as more of it is like 2014/2010 style.