Petition: Need transparent evaluation of contests


An open letter to Episode interactive contest creators and evaluators:

Dear Episode,
Note: Please understand that this letter doesn’t come from hatred or dislike for any authors featured in the H&V shelf. But comes from the disappointment that episode has offered to its writers like me who have no identity as a writer than our own small sphere in the episode world.

Before we start, I would like to know few things.
On what basis are the winners selected? In your contest post in the forum, I see that and I quote, “Winners are determined based on highest levels of reader engagement 136, rubric score 167 and fit to contest theme.” Why aren’t we as a writer who has spent several months of our sheer handwork and time is not made aware of the rubric score you have mentioned?
Where is the transparency in your winner selection? While I understand that the perspective of each reader is different, why aren’t we told or given an explanation of what of marks we scored and why we scored that?
While in your portal you have mentioned that and I quote, “Don’t feel like you need to be constrained by ideas about good and evil - feel free to explore the idea from any angle or side that inspires you.” Why haven’t any stories which have taken inspiration from this line have gotten selected? - credits to Turtle Trainer(@turtletrainer_episode)
When you let us know how many reads we get, why aren’t we made aware of our reader engagement?

In a gist what am I trying to tell?

Please note that I am not being jealous or whining or being sad because I didn’t win. But this is not about me not winning. I am sad that I didn’t win, but this is not about me but about several other writers just like me, struggling and spending their time even though they aren’t paid for it. Episode by not taking care of their small writers and promoting only big stories every time in their featured section just makes it hard to keep up the motivation to write even elsewhere not just in episode. Please understand that for some of us this is passion and an ember of hope we hope to pursue in the future as our career.

What am I expecting from you?

Please make your grading system transparent and let us know why our story is rejected while others have been selected.
While you put up those shelves be more considerate for small authors and again tell us why they have gotten the privilege of “Episode feature”.

What can come from this?

This is not just beneficial for small authors but also for big authors who can be shown with credibility not just be spoken that they won because of their name.

Please show your support by liking and sharing so that episode notices the thread and take necessary action.


The best way to get the team to see your concerns regarding this is by submitting a request. Also, you have a few points and requests in here that would be good as a feature request.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: