Petition to Allow Android and iOS Transfer!

Petition to allow Transfer between operating systems, why? Here are the following reasons:

-When people decide they’re going to sell or throw away their old phone, since transfer between operating system isn’t accessible, now all their gems, passes, and unlocked stories are going to poof away and they have to reset now…

-They cannot test their stories and go to their profiles which makes a bunch of people unhappy and mad

-Finally, they need to go back to their old phones to get what they need and it’s tiring to go back and forth with your old and current phone

Now Episode, please allow this for the time when people really need it. All the Episodians can agree this is the feature we really need. Say “Support” in the reply section to sign this petition, let’s get a lot of people to agree on this so the Administration team can notice this!


Duplicate topic closed. Please refer to APP: Restoring from Android to IOS

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