Petition to Feature Sci-fi Section on Episode

Hello everyone!

Has anyone ever wished that Episode featured a category specifically tailored to the sci-fi genre? Sure, Episode has fantasy but fantasy on Episode tends to be a bit broad. I have seen quite a few stories surrounding the sci-fi genre including ones which include space and aliens (mainly like my own), however I always wished that our stories had a category of its own!

If you feel the same way, please comment on this post and let Episode know that you’d really appreciate it if a sci-fi category was added featuring stories for all us sci-fi lovers! :slight_smile:


I honestly love sci-fi and my dad wants to be a but and say “all thoes movoes are is guys who seem normal, then go crazy” I just told him, “atleast thoes movies are more intresting thank u!” #protectsci-fifromcrustybalddads!

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But I agree :clap:

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You actually…kinda just described the sci fi story I’m currently writing :sweat_smile:

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I WILL READ IT GIVE ME THE NA- coughf coughf I mean hehe… can I get the title so I can read it? Or tell me when it’s published if it’s not published rn?

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Haha. My story is called Razors. Then I’m currently making Razors War and Peace. The character gets transported to an alien world with humanoid hostile creatures who try to eat you. The links are located in my bio here.

The main character gets hallucinations every once in awhile due to some stuff that happens in his past. But Season 2 I’m gonna make him totally lose his mind lol

Both are published. You can start wherever, even season 2. I give a big recap in the beginning lol

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YES! I like Sci-fi and I think that there should be a category for it.

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LOL Sci-fi is sooo much more than that!!! What about all the Marvel movies and DC!!! Those are definitely sci-fi too and it’s nit about man starting out normal and then going ballistic! :joy:

I agree!!! This would be perfect for Episode!! I think a lot of readers would appreciate that!!!

It’s funny cause I actually began reading your story the other day!!! :joy: What captures me was the description. My story had a very similar theme about an alien who comes to Earth but ends up falling in love with a human! :grin: Of course, things don’t go smoothly as it’s known on the aliens planet that love is forbidden in addition to him coming from a past packed with dark secrets that threatens the lives of everyone around him! :laughing:

It would be awesome if Episode could feature these stories in a category of its own!! It would be really amazing! :smile:

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Thanks for reading my story :slight_smile: I wanted to be somewhat akin to the Walking Dead even though that’s more of a philosophical drama than a sci fi but it’s close to sci fi :sweat_smile: My only regret was I made it in Spotlight :zipper_mouth_face:

Yeah your story sounds a lot like my season 2 story. The main character goes on a bloody revenge for something in the past and it threatens everyone around him :confounded:

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Oh wow! Great minds think alike! I do wish to see it in regular form versus spotlight! I think it would make it even more awesome! You can always go back and crate another version of it under Limelight or Ink. :grin:

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I chose Spotlight only because it was my first time writing and coding lol But no worries, Season 2 is full LimeLight. With the action in Season 2 it only has to be. Especially if I want the reader to feel what I want them to feel :blush:

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I agree! I haven’t read much sci-fi but the little that I have was so good!

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Yes! I feel the exact same way!! :slight_smile:


There needs to be a separare category for sci-fi. There are so many sci-fi stories that end up categorized as “action” or “adventure,” and while those may fit depending on the storyline, it would be awesome to filter out sci-fi specific stories rather than sifting through broader genres.


My thoughts exactly!!! It’s a shame cause we don’t have section for them where we can find them easily without having to sort through the other categories!

I hope that Episode will make this happen!