PETITION: Uploading Our Original Music?

It would be really cool if we could upload short like 30 secs or less songs for our stories to be reviewed the same way backgrounds and overlays are. Then if they are approved we could use them in our stories! I think that would be pretty cool to do and there are lots of fun apps people can make music on originally. I hope you guys consider my idea :heart: :smile:


I totally love this idea… I Support this. :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve wanted this! Support!

I actually supported this in another post and everyone went on about copyrights and how expensive it was. So, I’m not really sure. :thinking:

Yeah it would be cool to use whatever music we want to use… I support it😃

Well I think it’d be fine as long as it was music you made yourself and as far as if you’re copyrighted your music you’d just agree to the same thing you click when you upload a background or overlay you make. You still own it you’re just confirming like "hey yeah this is mine I didn’t steal it :smile: "

Feel free to show your support for this idea in it’s original thread. Thanks!