Petiton to remove the rule about the amount of punchs

I think we should be allowed to use more than 5 punches in a story, especially if it’s already has a warning of violence from the author


They just announced it on Instagram it’s not 5 punches per chapter but 5-10 punches per scene :slight_smile:


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There’s been lots of miscommunication in regards to the updates… Perhaps you should check out the new threads before committing to a petition. Just a friendly suggestion :slight_smile:


Yah I followed the twitter account. Can some close this thread?

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You could tag one of the mods to close the thread for you :wink: Glad you checked it out! God Bless!

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@Sydney_H please close the thread

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Closed by OP request. Moved to Episode Fan Community since Feature + Art Suggestions is for requests to the development team.