Petrichor Artshop (Open ✨)


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I’ll get started on it when my phone charges


Thank you! :blob_sun:

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HOLY- This is BEYOND beautiful! I don’t like it, I freakin’ LOVE them!

Thank you so much for creating this! You have no idea how happy I am right now… :sob:

1, After you finish making the next story covers for me, is it okay for me to request another one for my new story? I don’t mind waiting since I’m not in a rush for it~ (I just ADORE your edits so much that’s all…)


thank you!

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you’re welcome! I enjoyed making the cover so i’m really happy you loved it. (and i love the gif :pleading_face:) And yes! I’d be down to create another cover for you haha. thanks for being patient! ツ

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Edit Request
  • Password: (Blur it)ARTISTS
  • What are you requesting? An edit
  • Who are you requesting from?
  • How many characters? 1
  • What style and is it drawn or edited? Edited
  • What are their details and outfits? (Do you want drawn clothing?)

  • What pose?(If custom pose leave a reference)
  • Leave a background.
  • Is it waist up, legs up, etc?
    Waist up
  • Do you have a theme/idea in mind?
    Beach vibe, Tanning
  • When do you need it by? (Be specific)
    abt a week
  • Anything else?(Abs, scars, height difference, text, freckles, filter, piercing, face highlight, nails) white finger nails, book on top of her headlike the pages are laying on top of her head. laughing really hard and blushing
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You’re a freakin’ legend! hahahhaha the gif really captures my expressions and emotions :joy:!

Yes! You can take as much time as you like on my requests! I’m already super grateful that you’re willing to do that for me…


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No worries. Take your time.

hii can i make a request for a cover from @granolias ?

Hey it’s probably going to be more than a week until I get to your request so I suggest maybe requesting from another artist from this shop. :persevere:

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Okay thank you for your time :relaxed::cloud:

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@DalilahEpi Are you still doing mine?

yes, but i am without a charger


Hey @evi2,

Can I ask a cover-request for both styles -> small cover, INK and LL??
How am I going to credit you??

  • Background -> EXT. REDCARPET3 - NIGHT
  • Pose reference -> With the back against each other, both have a cocky smile…
  • Artist -> @evi2
  • Text -> ‘Bounded Minds’ AngelWings
  • Font (optional) -> Doesn’t matter as long as it’s readable
  • Drawn or edited -> Edited
  • Extras characters ->

Female (INK) details:
Body -> Taupe
Brow -> Smooth Arch
Hair -> Beach Wave Hair, Platinum Blond
Eyes -> Round Bold, Black
Face -> Defined Heart
Nose -> Soft Naturel
Lips -> Blossom Lips, Rose

Male (INK) details:
Body -> Taupe
Brow -> Mature Grand, Fawn
Hair -> Boy Bun, Platinum Blond
Eyes -> Classic Round, Black
Face -> Athletic Square Jaw
Nose -> Button
Lips -> Smirk, Taupe

Female (LL) details:
Body -> Female Athletic, Neutral 03
Brow -> Arch Natural Scar, Light Brown
Hair -> Beach Wave Hair, Platinum Blond
Eyes -> Round Downturned Wide, Brown Black
Face -> Heart Soft
Nose -> Round Broad
Lips -> Full Round Pouty, Red Deep Gloss

Male (LL) details:
Body -> Male Athletic, Neutral 03
Brow -> Straight Medium Scar, Light Brown
Hair -> Curly Mohawk, Platinum Blonde
Eyes -> Oval Wide, Brown Black
Face -> Square Long Jaw Shadow
Nose -> Button Wide
Lips -> Medium Heart, Rose Light Nude Gloss

  • Extras outfits ->

Outfit Female:
Leather and Pleats Dress; Black Ridged Moto Jacket; Black Beach Day Skater Shoes.

Outfit Male:
Red Striped Shoes; Slim Slacks; Poloshirt Celery; Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade).

Outfit Female:
Studded Cutoff Shorts Rocker Denim Grey Black; Collared Crop Rolledup Sleeves Jacket Leather Red Cherry; Crop Tank Undershirt Silk Green Teal; Tribal Chest Tattoo; Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Pastel Rainbow; Snake And Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor.

Outfit Male:
Open Collar Button Up Cotton Daffodil; Tribal Chest Tattoo; Lace Up Hiking Boots Leather Grey Black; Nose Bridge Studs Silver; Studded Faded Jeans Denim Blue Oxford.

  • Password -> ARTISTS
  • Genre/Theme -> Comedy (Please, no romantic scene because they are siblings…)

If you need to know anything else, PM on this forum or DM at instagram @angelwings_1983

Love A-W

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hey request accepted my instagram is evi.eepisode and when do you need it by
sorry for the long wait

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Thank you so much for accepting my request!! In two weeks is fine. :wink: I will credit you in my story. :wink:

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thank you and np i will get started as soon as i can

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i have got done 1/2 of your request done here is the LL one let me know if you want me to change anything

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