PFP Artist! In need!

Unfortunately no I don’t. You can just credit by saying my username from episode forums

Alright! that sounds good!

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:blush: Thank you I should be done by 7 pm my time it’s currently 6:42pm for me

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that’s amazing!! send it here when you’re done!! and again, thank you sm!:heartpulse::heartpulse:

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I couldn’t do the glasses. Sorry :neutral_face: I tried but I couldn’t

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That’s alright!! it’s still so beautiful!! :heart_eyes: thank you!!

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Thank you so much!:grin:. Your welcome.

hey!! do you think i can try and draw the glasses on there? i’ll still keep your signature and tag you! if it’s a problem i don’t have to

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Considering the original sketch belongs to another artist and has their signature, you shouldn’t be using it/editing it without that artist’s permission, especially if it’s copyrighted to that artist.

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Sooo I need to start over with my original sketch instead? @Cheyara_Skadi

Well if the sketch that you are using as an outline, and colouring in, doesn’t belong to you, and you don’t have their permission to use it, I would say yes. It was done by an artist as it is and so it belongs to them.

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Ok. I’m that case @Msanonymous I’m sorry but I can’t take your request for an Instagram profile picture. Seeing as it doesn’t belong to me apparently you can’t use it as a pfp without permission sooo🤷🏾‍♀️

May I ask you a question @Cheyara_Skadi? It may come off differently than I intend so I thought to ask first

That’s very disappointing. did you draw over the sketch? can’t i just say the reference was from google that you used?

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I colored over it but idk

People use google images all the time, that’s not the point though in that sense. More in the way that, it is art drawn from scratch by another person, I mean if you drew something and spent hours drawing it, only to have someone come along and take that image and edit it and then not only go ahead and distribute it but also take credit for the new piece, wouldn’t that bother you?
If that artist also has a copyright on their art, you would then be breaking the law by editing it and giving it out :slight_smile:

Ok then I guess I’m out



Well I’m sorry @Msanonymous I spent 2 hours on something u can’t even use.