PFP contest. (closed)

I need a new PFP, but honestly dont know what it shall look like, so I tought, hey lets make a contest out of it. and see what someone els can come up with

to enter.

make a pfp, of my episode Character, can be drawn or edited, any clothes is fine. but please dont use bras as evryday clothes.

Please remember to follow copyright law

Now because I feel like people shouldnt spend time on something with out getting it used. I will use evryones entry.
I will credit it on my bio somewhere, and tag you here when I use it.
if it gets closed before that I will Pm you

now prices, for lets be real, a contest need one

first place will get : an art with two full body characters.

second place: either One full fulbody character, or twi halfbody.

third place: halfbody art

My art

deadline : 15 January.
its not a long time but like I just expect edits, not full on drawn bodies. though ofcourse a drawn do have better chance of winning.

my charater details.


Skin : light
Eyebrow : Medium Curved
Hair : Layered Hair
Hair color: Fawn
eyes: Round classic
Eye color: blue
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Aquiline
Lips : Classic
Lip color: Terracotta


Skin: Neutral 2
Eyebrow: Round Thick Styled
Eyebrow color: black
Hair: Medium Straight Down
Hair color: Medium brown
Eyes: Deepset Downturned
eye color: blue green
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button
Lips: Heart Shaped Pout
Lio color : pink peach Medium matte

people who ask to be tag I forgot :sweat_smile: let me know if you need more time, the deadline is quite short



Can I enter?

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Also if you don’t pick mine or use mine you don’t have to credit me your CHOICE!!

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its really pretty but what is with the watermark?


I was afraid you will notice
I’ll change the background
But it was perfect
If only there wasn’t a stupid watermark!
I’ll change it in time…

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I cant belive I have to explain this, but using copyright matirel is wrong, and you should not be doing that. its illegal.

its also against the rules of episode. as an artist I take copyright law very serious.


I’m a newbie Amy tips help

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But almost all the beautiful backgrounds and images are copyright I don’t even know what to do

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Copyright law is a thing there protect images, it dosent need to have a watermark to be copyright. evrything you make and upload is atomaticly copyrighted.

that is the same law there protect pictures, its the reason people cant take a picture of you and just use for something.

it also protect artist hard work. things on google and pinterst are most of the time copyright, and you cant know what is and isnt there.

what you need to do is either make things yourself, commission someone to make it(aka pay for it) or use art there is copyright free.

there are some websites there has copyright free matirel.

this is a few websites there is copyright free
Mehr als 1 Million Gratis-Bilder zum Herunterladen - Pixabay

Freerange Stock | Free Stock Photos - Totally Free Images and Illustrations

Beautiful Free Images & Pictures | Unsplash

Free Stock Photos, Royalty Free Stock Images & Copyright Free Pictures · Pexels

Free Stock Photos and Images -

Wikimedia Commons


Thanks for the help
I’ll use it I guess


@line123462 I used the websites you advised and i made this
J's new pfp


looks amazing




Don’t worry, I already saw it. :wink:
Just finished my entry!

There’s three different backgrounds because I couldn’t choose.



Can I join also can we make small little changes to the charecter like diffrent lip colour and changeing the hair slightyly? :blush:


I would love to join @line123462! I’m gonna get right onto it, so that I finish before your deadline. :see_no_evil:

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@line123462 here’s my entry, I hope you like it! :blob_hearts: :see_no_evil:



@OCEANIA I hope you dont mind me already starting using yours, becuase like I said I feel evryone who spend time on it should have a chance to have theirs used.

dosent mean you won, its just because you made yours first