Pfp contest! :D

Hey guys! How ya’ll doing? Its been like A LONG time since I last posted! I know :frowning: sorry bout ’ that peeps! You know its hard to find free time these days lol … anyways I’m back at it again …well…not only me for sure! My group is still here to help if you need precious art pieces our help :wink: And whenever I have free time , I’ll make sure to get here as well… you know my halloween shop didn’t go to well but I won’t stop making art! I hope ya’ll will give me some requests and I’ll be happy to help!!! Now :blush: a little off topic , am I? Okay yeppp… So I love this pfp but I’m just a lil bored of it cause you know! I had it since I joined the forums lol…

Anyways there will be two winners first will be my icon and the other my background.

No art thieves
No drama or ofensive comments

here is my epi photo avatar peeps!

the deadline is 22 of November !

There is no spesific background or animation, just something aesthetic would be awesome :wink:




awesome good luck and thanks :slight_smile:


ooooHhh! Can I join? I promise it won’t be like that… (I hope I am better than before​:joy::woman_shrugging:t2:)

But Can I have ur personality?

I want to join!

girl it was awesome ! It’s just that I would like to change a bit! You can surely enter! Im so excited about yours!!! (Also seriously no kidding you need to teach me some things girl! SOOO NEED THAT lolll)

personality coming upp :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I enter?

awesome :))

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What are your character details?

okay face oval , hair beach wave chestnut , lips full blush, skin tone fair, eyebrows mature round , eyes upterned felline , nose upternd

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Sorry to be grilling you haha. What is your aesthetic?

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its totally fine :slight_smile: something pink or like light and maybe tumblr

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okay im a happy person, my friends say im funny , im a big doglover lol < epi lover , love dresing up (halloween , costumes etc) and love reading and writing

I hope that these are helpful :slight_smile:

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wohoo! yayyyy!

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What kind of dog do you like?

I’ve got two dogs , I’ll send a picture of their kind (from google)


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is this okay?