Pfp Contest news


OK so after the poll I realized the answers were a somewhat tie. SO at 5:30 :clock530: mdt I will have my pfp changed. The winner will be revealed and Id like to say good job everyone for you’re hard work.

Top two entries




How are people so talented?? And how come I have no idea about this?..


Ack like five more mins to go…


These profile pictures are soo good :open_mouth:
Why can’t I be that talented :joy:


Congrats @LHT

I chose yours because it was really life like and really goodl


I’m very glad you liked it and I also really enjoyed it to make this for you as well :smiley:
As it has been a while that since when I made my last pfp for someone.

But I also want to say that , I think that @Killerfrost did a really good as well ^-^
I’m quite fond of her use of colour and dynamic pose.
She and the other artists were some great competitors


Good choice!



All the sappy stuff aside, we all knew you where gonna win anyway tbh :joy:


Woah these are all stunning and well done @killerfrost ma child :sparkling_heart:

As well as congrats to LHT (me and my letters)


Thankyou mama and you pr cover is almost done!


Ah thanks :heart:


So sorry I got the letters of your name mixed up :sob::sob: but stunning work!


Haha thank you and it’s no problem really , I mean I misspell other peoples names as well sometimes.:sweat_smile: