PG stories v/s mature stories

Disclaimer: This is not a rant or an unpopular opinions thread. Please be respectful, we all have different opinions and this is purely made to debate and share ideas. I don’t support ageism, but I’m old enough to see my past self and realize how things are different once you grow up (I’m not an old person, I swear. I’m barely an adult :skull: :skull:)

I don’t like how this app is targeted at teens. I get it, I used to read Wattpad when I was 15, but most authors are young adults and we should be able to write about things according to our age. Some people dislike cliches but guess what, that happens when your audience is a bunch of teens, most of them like those topics so they will make those stories trend.

I started reading Episode stories as a teen and my preferences have changed, I’m not saying this to make teenagers feel stupid, it’s ok to like stories with bland and cliche plots, but you will get past that phase once you grow up. Episode should make a shelf for adults only, people dislike this idea because most authors would include explicit sex scenes, but I wouldn’t write those things, I wish to have more freedom and not worry if a little girl would read my story (I don’t want them to read about certain things that aren’t age-appropriate).

Just to summarize, it’s fine if you don’t want to read mature content, nobody is forcing you. But you do limit a lot of people when you only want to see vanilla stories on the app, Episode and the parents should be the ones making sure that teenagers can’t see certain things, not the authors.


I won’t say her name, but one of my favorite authors’ stories was banned from the app for that reason (her story was “too explicit”). Like seriously, why can’t people write whatever they like as long as they don’t include extremely obscene or grotesque things? that story shouldn’t be read by teens, but it wasn’t that bad.


while i agree it’s not possible to have a mature section in the app since the app/ play store age ratings are 13+ so they can’t do anything about that. they tried Ivy and failed because they just sexualised everything.
was it wrong of them to take down the app? yes.
16+ interactive story apps have millions of downloads idk why they are acting like it’s something difficult/ impossible to have :woman_shrugging:


I never download Ivy because it wasn’t available where I live :(((


Pretty Little Liars is +13 if I’m not wrong, but I assure you that a story like that would be taken down of the app if some author includes that kind of topics. That’s my problem, a mature shelf is necessary and I know that there are legal things going on, but I don’t know. Look at youtube, for example, they have a section for kids so parents make sure they don’t watch explicit content (like sexualized MV’s).


I study business and I know that Episode won’t remove the teens from the app because they gain money through them, this app is not a charity so I’m not against them for wanting to gain money. But some people rant about mafia stories, for example, they don’t like the fact that they glorify that lifestyle but guess what? is against the guidelines showing the bad side so I don’t know

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exactly. i was looking at the ratings.
this is episode’s

this is YouTube’s (what episode needs basically)

tbh I don’t think it’s that difficult to change to that!!!
like i just want my character to swear and have avatars w their underwear kiss in the bed come on :sweat_smile:


glorifying any type of unhealthy/ antisocial behaviour is supposed to be prohibited from episode but… :confused:


Ivy was super sexual with no variety, a lot like Wattpad actually (in the ‘sexual’ respect), but I’ve been told that Ivy is only one of many projects that Episode had looked into and we may (also may not) get a different mature app sometime in future.

As Alexandra said, the rating of the current app will not change and we won’t get a mature shelf within it and that is because they would lose a lot of their current audience, resulting in a lot less money. There are also many problems, regulations and restrictions that come with a mature app — it needs to meet the guidelines of the App Store, the Play Store and perhaps other guidelines elsewhere too. As a parent though regarding mature content, it isn’t always possible to limit what your kids watch and there is a fine line between being reasonable and being overbearing from the child’s POV.

With all of that being said, I’m in my 20s and would absolutely love it if Episode Interactive gave us a mature platform to express our creativity on without the same restrictions as the current app which is targeted to a younger audience.


I’m in Australia and episode rating Is M for mature audiences, and is usually 15+. As for ivy it didn’t fail, there were no community stories just a few sex stories which episode themselves put up, it didn’t get a chance for anything.


Well, I myself am on the younger side of Episode readers and have a different taste from what people expect teens to have (mafia stories, bad boy stories, stories with romance as the main plot with no subplot). I really don’t think it’s an age thing, as I’ve seen people who are older than me who enjoy those types of stories, and that’s fine, because it’s expected that people will like it, it’s what’s most popular on Episode and it’s what’s constantly being featured.




I totally agree. I think that authors shouldn’t have to worry about crazy disclaimers/warnings (beyond the simple “this contains explicit content” warning) and instead, Episode should just make a shelf for 18+ content.

Better yet, Episode could make a whole area for adult content, which would be organized by how explicit it is.
For example, there could be a shelf for content with vaugely descriptive s3x scenes, and a shelf for content which has a LOT of s3x in it, and a few shelves in between.
This is probably a lot to ask, but at the very least episode could categorize stories by wether or not they have adult content, like in the romance shelf there could be a section for mature content and non-mature content. Same with drama, LGBTQ+, etc.

All in all, Episode puts a lot of work and responsibility into the writers, (much of which is necessary but also much of which is too much) and they could lighten the load by trying to categorize things a little bit better- specifically for this content.


I also agree that the story guidelines are a bit too harsh. I am always worried that I’m going to. have sworn too many times in a sentence or have a scene that was too “explicit” when it really wasn’t.


Well apparently it was that bad if it’s not suitable for teens.

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I’m also in Aus, but mine’s always been 12+


They can’t have a section within the app for mature content without changing the overall app rating to 17+, which they won’t do because they would be cutting out a major chunk of their user base and profits.

Honestly, the guidelines are not nearly as strict as people like to pretend they are and there’s still a lot of room to write about certain topics. Episode doesn’t remove that many stories so when entire stories are removed from the app, they had major guideline violations that even edits couldn’t save.

Being a PG-13 app doesn’t mean authors have to write stories for toddlers or that they can’t include sensitive topics. But if people want mature content, wattpad is free.


I definitely would like to see stories more geared towards adults on the platform, though I don’t think that’d ever happen.

As for making stories more for mature audiences, I feel like there are other ways to do it other than with sexual scenes. After all, there’s more to being mature than that. For example, I find stories that don’t directly describe an action but imply it to be something mature content tends to have. Trigger warning: mentions the r-word: In some shows I’ve seen that are TV-MA (18+), if there are rape scenes or if the show is trying to show that, then it tends to be implied in a way only adults could understand. Of course, there were other shows where the act is portrayed, but I’m talking about other shows. Here is another example that isn’t really extreme, adult shows can show the struggles of work in a way adults could only understand (since they work, lol). I know that most kids wouldn’t be able to get it like adults could, especially those who are 12-15 years old.

I hope that that was understandable. If not, then reply to this post with questions and then I can explain it further. I find nothing wrong with sexual scenes by the way, I’m just suggesting something that can be doable since obviously those aren’t allowed. :sweat_smile:


that’s so weird, I have been confused when people keep saying PG, mine it says its a mature app 15+ how odd.


for Mature content everyone seems to only focus on sex scenes, some stories got removed because of violence or blood even in horror. A mature app would have been awesome for horror/thriller and mystery also action.


I agree.

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