Phone background question


I have a question for phone background like the I made texts from ifaketextmessage.
so when characters talk and readers click to read the next dialogue. I was wondering if it’s possible that with a background like this, I can just click to see the next texts than having all texts show at once? :slightly_smiling_face:


You can divide each text message as an overlay. The have a choice for the character to answer after the mom texts or you can hide the narrator button so when they click it appears… The phone will be a background.
You need to make the overlays and phone the a background.


It matters the way you work the overlay.


so do I change the texts message into an overlay?
if that is so, I do I do it? :sweat_smile:


I can try to do it for you!


And for the background you will need a blank one so you can send that to me too :grinning:


I was wondering if you can tell me because how to do it because I’ll be doing more of this and I dont wanna keep coming back to for more and more.


Okay…I kinda already started but pretty much you erase around each message and make it a different picture then you upload each overlay separately. Then you animate them in the right order you want.

If you want me to keep on going that would be great and I will be happy to assist you with any question either way.


Actually I’ll ask if you could help me with one of it.
if it’s fine with you?


Yes Of course!


so do I send a blank image to you like this?


Yep I will have it done soon maybe tomorrow!


Sorry about this but I forgot to change sprint to episode here’s the right one


sorry :sweat_smile:


Thank you soo much! :slightly_smiling_face:


lol give me the one that says mom if she is talking to her mom


OMG I’m sorry that was an example here’s the real one!!




thanks so much!


I will get it done for you by the end of this week!